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Curing STI Gen 2 nosedives.


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Atlas has their videos up on the cure for this. After fighting this in my 170 Gen 2 even with Grams guts and TTI basepads, giving this a try.


Basically in the middle rib, measure down 1" from top of mag, mark a line. Now measure the mag width inside the rib at the line. Mine was .615.


Atlas says to squeeze this to .582. Got mine done and the rounds do seem to have little to no gap between the first Rd when loaded to 28-29 Rds. Before there was always a gap. 


Range report coming later. Still going to get a few MBX mags..

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Went to the range. Loaded the 170 to 29 Rds. Shot 10 and reloaded to 29 again.

Did this 7 times. No nosedives.


Repeated with the 20 Rd mag, no issues.


Went back to the 170 and did it a few more times but tapped the magazine forward before loading it into the gun to get bullets to the front of magazine instead of the back.


No nosedives. Will see if it makes it through the next match.

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The method of squeezing the forward control ribs in the double stack to single stack transition area of a double stack mag is not something unknown to fix nose dive issues.  Do a search here on be.com and you'll find this mentioned on a whole host of different types of double stack mags.  What you have to be careful of is keeping the tube square while squeezing it, which they don't show you in the video.  If you're not careful you'll create many more problems with the tube while trying to just squeeze that one area.


Good luck

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