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Another 20 year layoff coming back story


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Another shooter has a thread with the same title. I started shooting in matches back in the 70's before USPSA existed when it was just IPSC. I was fortunate to be able to compete with such incredible shooters as Bill Wilson and Ray Chapman as I was starting out. Although competing with them is an overstatement, I was mostly in awe of them. Shot lots of matches mostly in the 80's and 90's and was fortunate to be able to shoot most of the big matches at least once. I was at the meeting in Illinois at the Nationals when USPSA was presented to the shooters and carry my number from then CL 164. I started shooting a little more than I had been for several years, and joined a Range where lots of Practical shooting is going on and decided to give it a shot, but with a production gun this time rather than the full blown race gun.

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