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  1. I recently switched both my JPs to the Sig Romeo XL with the 6 MOA dot, have one on order for by 10/22 Target Lite I use in Steel Challenge. In bright sunlight I run it down a notch or two from full brightness they are that bright and a very defined dot. It looks like a Cmore 6 MOA but much brighter. Very thin housing and large window.
  2. Hurting Steel Challenge the most in the KC area. More people are going to shoot rimfire and conserve their small primers.I think the bullets will come back in supply before primers. Eventually people will have lots of bullets and no primers the way it looks right now. Powder seems not to be a problem.
  3. I have both of the JP Models the 14.5" barrel with pin and welded comp and the UL with the 5.5" Barrel and shroud. I like them both very much, but for me they shoot completely differently. The regular barrel rifle dot barely moves, but it is slower to transition. I bought this rifle primarily for USPSA. I know this from reading the splits on the timer. The UL dot moves a noticeable amount more, but is quicker on transitions because of reduced weight. Again the timer doesn't lie. My purpose was to shoot USPSA with the heavier gun and Steel Challenge with the lighter one, plus have a back up to
  4. I guess I won the JP trigger lottery, mine came as a 2 3/4 pound trigger. the only time I have a problem is if I don't let the trigger reset.
  5. It all depends on how hard your hammer hits the firing pin. Only way to know is to try it. If you have a very light hammer strike the primer may be too hard.
  6. If chronoing 124 plated bullets I got 100 fps more in my CZ Scorpion than my CZ SP01 Shadow. 85 FPS more in my JP GMR15 than my Shadow. 147 plated less velocity difference, but about the same increase in PF.
  7. Another vote for the Taylor Freelance for my JP GMR15. It works very well.
  8. I forgot to say I won the trigger lottery apparently my standard trigger came in at 2 3/4 pounds.
  9. I have one JP and have ordered a second. I have the one you pictured except with a stainless bolt and barrel. IMHO they both look better and as noted above also clean easier. Mine also has the Radian Raport LT charging handle which is ambidextrous. JP's do not come with a ambidextrous mag release, however in April JP announced a left sided add on Ambi mag release. You should be able to find it with a search. Not sure if it is for standard AR's only?
  10. Bought my first C-More an 8 MOA and used it in an USPSA Match today for the first time and loved it.I am excited to try the bigger dot on Steel Challenge too. Previously I have shot mostly a Leupold Delta Point Pro. After a few matches I will know more.
  11. I have a JP GMR-15 with the 14.50" Pinned. barrel and compensator. I have on order the same rifle with the 5.5" barrell and sleeve.It will be my backup USPSA and main Steel Challenge Gun. Unless of course I like the lighter one better. Honestly I know people who started with a cheap PCC and by the time they changed out all the internals, they could have bought a JP to begin with. I understand many like to build and tinker, I like to shoot. JP.
  12. Great video with Max, Ben Stoeger and Tim Hwansk on PCC Nationals and Max's new idea on 2 Gun.
  13. Have you tried mounting the rifle higher than you would an AR for example? I am relatively new to PCC but I have worked on not moving my head down to meet the stock but mounting it higher and tighter than I would a more powerful rifle. If find it works better for me, and I can tell from my timer I am quicker on short drills and mini stage I set up. Everyone is different and that may not work for you.
  14. thanks for the info, I currently rude a small dot on my PCC and considering something larger.
  15. What size dot do you run? Thanks.
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