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Tanfoglio Limited 40SW OAL?


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Shoot mostly 1911/2011 guns that have barrels throated for 1.180 - 1.200

Got a tanfo coming to play with casue I like the feel of the grip etc

What are most tanfo's able to chamber as far as OAL

Again don't have gun so can "plunk" it etc

Also don't have mags yet how long can the mags run/



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I use a cast Lee 165gr TC bullet, exclusively, and the great majority of my competition is Steel Challenge. Though the rules don't require Major, or even Minor, power levels I keep it loaded up a bit because a few times it came down to the speed of the "stopper popper" falling to declare a winner. It only has to happen once to be worth it. I see it happen at least three time a day, and our shoots are two-day events.Sometimes, I am one of the involved!!!

My favorite load is 5.6gr Green Dot in Federal cases, with Winchester WSP primers, loaded to 1.20" with bullets cast from Lyman #2 alloy sized to .401" and lubed with White Label BAC.

The velocity is 1050fps measured at 7 1/2'(5' spread and 5' first screen) through an Oehler M33 chronograph.

I have played with .403" bullets from time to time, but I am not able to load that long, as it touches the rifling too soon. The longest I can go with the .403s is 1.17". I have also loaded some at .406" for 1.14"OAL.

Right now, The .403s and .406s are pan-lubed, so it's hard to get enough lubed to compete with. I prefer to use my RCBS lubrisizer for large amounts of bullets. The pan is just a little messy with lots of bullets.

My gun is a Limited with the polygonal rifling. I use 10mm magazines mostly with a couple K40s that have had their "rail" removed.

As I have the chronograph, I've tried other combinations, ie OALs from 1.09 through 1.20, with almost any powder you can name. Any you name that I haven't tried is on the list, lol.

I've also tried more than a few primers, so that I'll know what will happen should I run out and need to substitute. Tula, Fiocci, Federal, RP and CCI have all been there.

If nothing else, these experiments give me a lot of trigger time, lol.

Have fun,


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Thanks Gene

Is there any easy way to remove the rail/spacer in the 40 mags/

I've got to buy the grams spring/follower kit anyway cause they didn't come with those and the extendeed bases don't give much advantage without them etc..

If I can remove the rail it will save the cost of new 10mm mags

Thanks to all the Tanfo experts. I'm real comfortable with 2011'sa nd 1911's these are somewhat new to me and have to get up on the learning curve with them



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The rail is easily removed. Just remove the base so you can see in there and pop it out.

My gun was bought as a .40 and I added some 10mm mags later, so I use both.

When I go to the line, I have one in, two on, and a spare in my cargo pants. The pockets on the left are shallow so the magazine sticks up, easy to get at.

With 64 rounds on tap I ALWAYS hope I don't need to reach for that last...desperation mag, lol. Our target-array may be anything from 12(counting the "stopper-popper) to 25.

If I shoot the second mag to open-slide, I know it's gonna be a SHORT day!! But...Never Say Die!!! "When there is lead in the air, there's hope, lol.

My reply to your PM failed so....

I loaded my ammo at 1.09" to get the velocity I wanted, the "walked" the bullet out loading more powder and checking velocity until I reached 1.20". That is the longest I could "plunk" in my barrel, and it feeds fine in all my magazines.

As I was checking the velocities, I was checking accuracy (at 25yd) I have a large "window" on my Oehler M33, as large as the newer M35 with test channel.

Have fun,


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Popped the rear plate out of the forty mag.

Drilled the 4 lower "spots" out with an 1/8" drill bit and smoothed/chamfered the drill holes

Mag now holds ammo loaded to 1.200 and loads and unloads it by hand.

(still don't have gun, it's supposed to be here today!

Then I'll "plunk" test the bbl and check for ULSC ability with the ejection port.

One of my 1911's I had to open the front of the port so loaded round would clear it.

Going to run the gun for a while with this modified mag to make sure it will cycle correctly

Then I'll do the other mags, looks like a good project for my weeks vacation.

Always good to have a new project to learn and have fun with!

Gene thanks again for the help and direction

Neil (jcc7x7)

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JCC 7x7- Which Tanfo did you get? My brother uses a Stock II, and I keep thinking I maybe should have bought one and added the pieces for the Limited.

We (at steel challenge shoot from "cocked and locked" so maybe it won't make much difference.)

My brother shoots IDPA, so the DA may be better.

I also changed my mag-release to the right side. It drives the SO nuts! They keep whispering to me to practice taking my finger off the trigger during mag-change, lol.

Have fun,


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I swapped another Benos member for a Limited

Full dust cover and Single action only, so will run USPSA and Steel from locked and cocked.

Gave up IDPA cause they can't figure out what rules they want to use

I don't want to try and keep up with the ever changing rule book of IDPA

"Sides" I enjoy uspsa much more.

Been shooting Limited and L-10 with 2011's but like the grip frame of the Tanfo's so when this swap came up thought it would be a good

time to give one a try. Toyed with the idea during the summer but didn't want to part with the money so gave up on the idea.

God saw fit to bless me during Christmas time with a pretty decent swap so I made it.

Looks like UPS decided to not deliver it today so maybe I'll get my hands on it tomorrow


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I shoot mostly 155-175gn L-SWC in my Tanfo .40 and COL runs right around 1.210" for all SWC and 1.200" for L-TC bullets. Have loaded as short as 1.135" and accuracy was about as good as the long rounds.


Hoping I will be able to shoot the same loads I use in the 1911/2011's in my soon to be new to me! Tanfoglio Limited

I would be great if the 175gr SWC, COL 1.200 I like. Shoot out of the Tanfoglio and make PF

It would simplify this whole ind-ever

Delivery of Gun hopefully tomorrow. Got held up due to the weather I guess!It's arrived at the next city over from me, just came up on the tracking log of UPSat 7pm.

Praying it gets to me tomorrow, so I can know for sure what my next step is going to be.


Due y'all have to bevel the area where the Henning extended base pads meet the mag to get the 20-21 rounds Hennings' says you can get in the mags with the base pads or are they plug and play?



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Got the gun today

it hand feeds / cycles oal 1.200 , 175SWC and 180 TC both Bayou bullets

Plunk tests them fine and there is no resistance opening slide for unload and show clear. Round ejects out with plenty of clearance!!!

That is going to make life so much easier not having to run 2 different OAL loads for the 1911/2011's and the Tanfoglio.

Thanks for all the help guys

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  • 4 months later...

Had a Limited HC. 200 gr Bayou RN, 1.200 OAL. Ran K10 mags.

ETA----just noticed the dates. A 4 month old thread back from the dead! :blush:

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