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40 S&W load for Minor


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What would be your design load to load a 40 S&W to make Minor Pwoer Factor with a little cushion, say Pf of 130 - 135?


Bullet choice?


I'm looking to narrow down the many choices available.

Thanks for your help,


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I developed the above load because I wanted to shoot my beretta 96 in both production and limited 10 major. Two divisions one pistol...

hope it helps.

I am not even going to tell you to start at 10% below... that is really safe to load as is. But use common sense and be careful... use at your own risk,,, :cheers:

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Start from the powder first. What do you have available?

I use WST.

Titegroup, 231, n320, clays, solo1000, WSF, etr-7, and a few others work well also.

Let us know what powders you have on hand, or have access to. If you need powder, etr7 is the easiest to come by.

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Thank you both. I currently have Bullseye and Unique. From reading other posts I was considering and am further reading about Clays, WST, tightgroup, and VIT 320. Will add your suggestions to the lists...

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Just ran yesterday...

200 Extreme

3 grains of Titegroup

Win SP

1.180 oal

60 degrees

Runs consistently in a Trojan 5 with original springs and recoil feels like a light 38 Special. Chono averaged 9 rounds at 133.

I can also say 2.8 will not reliably run in the Trojan with factory springs. Since it would not run, I did not chrono it.

EDIT: As always, your mileage may vary.

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