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  1. I'm looking to load this bullet for my Shadow 2. The OAL that passes the plunk test is 1.045". I'm worried about case volume and pressure. I'm trying to find a starting load for HP-38. Any and all insight welcome. Bullet: http://missouribullet.com/details.php?prodId=207&category=5&secondary=8 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Looking to order some Rudy Rydon with rx insert. They have two options. The semi rimless plastic and the metal frames. Not being able to try them I'm having a hard time deciding. There isn't much info widely available on the inserts. I'm sure we can find a Rudy sponsored shooter to chime in.
  3. Looking at a Shadow 2 for USPSA Production and 3 Gun. I just started to shoot PPC and a bullseye style match for the shooting club at work. Would the Shadow 2 meet the requirements for Stock Service Semi-auto? Specifically the sight radius and trigger pull weight? Neither are listed on the CZ webpage.
  4. Anyone shoot Police Pistol Combat that would be willing to answer some of my questions? When shooting Match 7 stage 4, what is the standing shooting position. Is it standing with cover and support? Is all of stage 4 shot in one 90 second course of fire? 18 shots, 2 reloads, 3 positions.
  5. This photo is worth 1000 words.
  6. Check that you put the spacers in properly. Flat curved flat retainer. Might help.
  7. When I ordered the MOA kit for my bolt release and she'll stop I removed the shell stop and this pin fell out. I believe it was under the bolt release button between the spring. It's the same depth as the button. Is is needed? The YouTube I watched on install didn't mention it. Second, I took my M3000 in to get the port opened up. The guy opened it up down to the lettering, and said ATF requires the manufacturer's name and country designation be left intact like the S/N. Is this true? I see lots of people are cutting into it. I think I'd like to cut down farther, but being new to 3 gun don't want to over do it. I keep catching the second shell on the top of the magazine tube when loading. Do I just need more practice or should I open the port further forward towards the magazine tube? Thanks!
  8. Ended up getting the NC-1. Found it for $68 to my door and I can add rail sections down the road if I need it. Figured having that option was worth a bit more than the double star. Nordic seems like a reputable company in the sport. Look forward to installing it and running the M&P until I feel I need to upgrade. Honestly, I'm impressed with the budget rifle though.
  9. That EMR V0-E looks to be right up my ally. For the extra money I get the QD sling socket and the ability to add a front sight if needed. I've looked into their rails in the past but I didn't want to put out $160-170 dollars for a rail on a $400 AR. This V0-E must be newer.
  10. I'm new to the 3 gun world. I don't have much experience with working on the AR-15 platform. I am looking to get into 3 gun with my M&P 15 Sport. I have a Vortex Prism on the way and want to eliminate or shave down the A2 FSB and put a cheap free float hand guard. Looking at the Double Star Rifle Length Free Float as a cheaper option. Does anyone know if a gas block will fit under this? I'm open to suggestions on free float rails and hand guards under $100 as well. Also, shave down the FSB or buy a low profile gas block? Seems like shaving down the FSB will take some work (read margin for error), but so will dimpling the barrel for the gas block. Shaved FSB is cheaper.
  11. That's why I want one. Just have a FSB. And you can't co witness. As I planned with a RDS. So, I want to make sure I can shoot "around" the FSB with the 1x prism.
  12. Do you have a Front sight. I'm trying to keep costs down and get into factory with my current AR with A2 front post. Astigmatism killed the idea of using a dot.
  13. Ended up ordering the extension tube from Nordic. Still hoping MOA will get their stock replenished. Want to buy the extended controls from them, but they show out of stock still.
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