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Did I bugger it up?


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So, I installed a FO sight on my TS last night. I did it by the book: drifted new sight it, drilled from the left side with the appropriate drill bit, placed pin back in. I know the pin also helps hold the bushing in.

When I look at it now, the bushing appears to be compressed towards the barrel. This doesn't appear to impinge on the barrel inappropriately, but I'd hate for it to affect accuracy. Any comments? Stuart, what say you?


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Just how difficult was it to drive the pin in? It should go fairly easily. Out of curiosity what did it look like before? If you can remove the pin and it relaxes back to round drill it again. I've had the drills chip on the edges and needed to go back into the hole with a new one to drill it to size.

Usually I take a triangular file and remove the bulk of the material for the half diameter hole in the sight before I drill and it goes very easily. Just measure the location from the end and the depth and file it just shy of finish.

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