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CZ SP01 or Tanfoglio Stock Custom


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Too soon to tell in the USA since there is only one known SP-01 in private hands in the country (Angus) and no known Tanfoglio Stock Custom (might try calling EAA on the phone to ask for a Stock CUstom). Take a look HERE for more info on the SP-01. Regards, D.

PS I happen to be a fan of CZ and the excellent CZ support provided by the American subsidiary, CZ-USA. Not only are CZ handguns of excellent quality, they are backed 100% by an in-country corporation. When available in the USA, I will likely buy an SP-01 to replace my outstanding 85 Combat.



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anyone have an idea when the SP01 will be for sale to general public?

if so, where can i get one??

how many Oz are they supposed to weight?

its either gonna be that one or the CZ 85 with an Angus trigger job.


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Harmon, just wanted to make sure you had been following the thread regarding the SP01 in the rules section. Currently it has been removed from the IPSC and USPSA lists as a production gun. It may come back in the US but I imagine it's fate is sealed on the IPSC side.

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Looks like both the CZ SP-01 and the Tanfoglio Stock Custom are sunk as far as IPSC goes; they have both been taken off the list. They may be allowed back in to USPSA, but I do not hold out much hope for the IPSC BOD reversing their decision. I belive the decision of the IPSC BOD was misguided.


D.C. Johnson


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Is the CZ P-01 that Angus is running some type of "trick" gun? The CZ website lists the P-01 as being 1.7 lbs (alloy frame) and the CZ-85 (steel frame) as being 2.2 lbs. Unless Angus and his minions are getting a steel frame on the sly, shooting the P-01 would appear to be a *disadvantage*.

What am I missing here?

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Eric, I did a quick search. Only found the P-01 on the American CZ site, but found this on another site of theirs.

"CZ 75 SP-01

The CZ 75 SP-01 (CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical) pistol is a big-size handgun designed for duty in law enforcement or military service, but also for target shooting or self defence having a large capacity double-column magazine holding 18 cartridges of cal. 9x19 and featuring classic DA firing mechanism (SA/DA). The pistol design is based on proved CZ 75 platform. Grip panels made of rubber are provided with checkerings. Long beavertail located at the upper portion of backstrap protects shooter's hand against the slide in its rearward movement and enables more deeper and secure grip. Newly shaped and robust frame made from steel and this handgun structural design provide long service life, accuracy and reliability even at demanding conditions and environments, which can be expected at the specialized units tasks fulfilment.

The front portion of the pistol frame features integral light or laser rail of MIL-STD-1913 for the attachment not only of these devices. Sights are open and have squared configuration. Dots fitted into the rear sight and front sight are made of tritium luminescent inserts for aiming at poor visibility conditions.

Thanks to its exceptional accuracy and easy target acquisition even in quick and repeated fire meant that the CZ 75 SP-01 pistol found its supporters also in the field of sport and target shooting events.

CZ 75 SP-01

The safety of the hundgun is provided by automatic firing pin block and ambidextrous manual safety.

1 - Integral accessory rail

2 - Serrated frontstrap

3 - Enhanced magazine capacity - 18 cartridges

Technical info

Caliber 9 x 19

Magazine capacity 18

Overall length 207 mm

Barrel length 120 mm

Height 147 mm

Width 37 mm

Weight 1180 g

Trigger mechanism SA/DA

Finish black polymer

Safety elements manual safety / decocking lever

safety stop on the hammer

firing pin safety"

1180 grams is 2.6 pounds when I ran it through a converter. Nice, but the changing of the rules in mid stream is not very cool, CZ deserves better than this. They designed a gun around the rules then the BOD change the rules???

Politics is not about principals but rather about interests.

By the way these might be great, but I would still be shooting my G34 no matter what the ruling is. I do like new products in the market place - makes all of the other vendors stay on their toes.


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We're both right just talking about different guns. The P-01 can't be used either and it is a smallish, light weight gun as you noted. Like I said, "full length dust cover" My exact thought on that is "Bulloney!"

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Pierruiggi, the following is a cut and paste from this board on another thread and it specifically mentions the P-01 as no longer approved:

"From the IPSC Global Village web-site:

IPSC Global Village

Below is a brief summary of some important decisions made jointly and unanimously by the members of the Rules Committee and the Production Division Committee present at the recent meetings held in conjunction with the IWA Show in Germany, and these decisions have been endorsed by the IPSC Executive Council:

1. The following guns are no longer approved:

CZ P-01 and SP-01 Series

Tanfoglio Stock Custom

Sphinx 3000 Series

The reason is that the above guns all have long dust covers.

2. The following guns are now approved:

HS Produkt HS 2000 Series

Springfield Armory XD Series

An official Rule Interpretation will shortly be issued in respect of Rule along the lines of "Striker-fired pistols are generally classified as Double Action", however please note that the H&K P7 series and the Browning HP series remain classified as Single-Action, and therefore continue not to be approved for Production Division.

3. Maximum number of rounds loaded:

Proposal rejected, so no change to current rules. Hence whatever is the capacity of the standard magazine of a gun on the approved gun list can be loaded and fired.

4. Rules on Sights:

Although I cannot yet advise the exact wording of the forthcoming change to the Sights Rules in Production Division, the decision is that any aftermarket "post & notch sights" will be permitted, regardless of whether or not they are available from the OFM. Note that Ghost Ring sights are specifically excluded.

5. Disclaimer:

Please note that the above information is given as a "bulletin", and the exact wording of official Rule Interpretations released by IPSC take precedence."

The above was cut and paste from this thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?...c=22138&hl=p-01

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Clay1, I'm a moderator in the Global Village, so I visit it quite often :)

If you go to this thread you'll see the same text you posted PLUS a correction by Vince Pinto.

And you can also take a look at the IPSC Production Division list.

However there are a lot of discussions on the subject of the revised rules (particularly about the banned guns) and they are not officially sanctioned yet, so this is still an open topic of discussion.

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Put another way, it appears that the BOD initially banned the P-01 by mistake, then returned it to the approved list (which should automatically return it to the USPSA approved list).


Because: the P-01 is about the size of a Glock 19 and has an aluminum frame. Not only has it been produced in large quantities, it is the new Czech police pistol. Nothing racy about a compact, alloy frame, 9mm that is an official, adopted, police issue pistol in a major country, not to mention that early import guns in the USA had NSN numbers or NATO designation numbers that are assigned only to NATO forces-approved sidearms.

In contrast, the BOD still frowns on the SP-01 and Tanfoglio Stock Custom - both of which do feature a steel frame with an accessory rail like the Stainless 226 and the weight/steel frame of the S&W 4506 (does the 4506 have a rail as well?). The BOD's stated justification is "The reason is that the above guns all have long dust covers"

As mentioned in other threads (and I agree) the BOD stated that they did not like full length accessory rails but I believe that in reality, they were troubled by the new CZ's 18 round mag - same capacity as the Para Ord P-18 double action 9mm (also steel frame). And they felt that the Stock Custom's integral mag well was a problem. I disagree with the reasoning and decision of the BOD. Other guns have features including the 18 round capacity (Para Ord), heavy steel frames (Stainless 226 and Berreta steel frame) long dustcovers (Jericho 941) or accesory rails (every manufacturer out there it seems) and flared mag wells (even Glock has some flare to it). I would allow all these guns in & let the talent decide who wins in Production. I hope they return the CZ and Tanfoglio to the list.


D.C. Johnson


EDIT: The $1,600 steel frame Beretta 9mm I mentioned appears to be the Beretta 92 Steel I:

"92 STEEL I J92XB01 Double / Single 3 dot Plastic 9mm 8 4.9 10 41.1 $1,600"

-From the Beretta USA site.

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A competitor at 2005 ran a Tangfoglio Stock Custom in Production. So my thought was they are legal for USPSA. Yes or no?????

EAA just sent me an email stating they will hit the US in 30-90 days.


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Here is the EAA guns that are legal for USPSA production:

Witness (standard steel), Witness-P, Witness (decocker), Witness PS


Force 38, Force 38F Carry, Force 38F, Force 38L, Force 40, Force 40F Carry, Force 40F, Force 40L, Force 40R Carry, Force 40R, Force 45, Force 45F Carry, Force 45F, Force 45L, Force 45R Carry, Force 45R, Force 921, Force 921F Carry, Force 921F, Force 921L, Force 921R Carry, Force 921R, Force Compact 40, Force Compact 45, Force Compact 921, Force Pro, GT10, GT21 Baby, GT21 Combat, GT21, GT23, GT40 Baby, GT40 Combat, GT40, GT45, P19 Combat, P19 Standard, P19L, P21 Combat, P21L, P23, P23L, P38L, P40 Compact, P40, P40, P40F, P40FB, P40L, P40R, P41, P45, P45L, P45L, T94F, T94R, T95F Stock, T95F, T95R, T96F, T96R, T97F, T97L, T97R, TA10 Compact, TA10, TA40FB, TA45 Compact, TA45, TA90 XL2, XL4


CZ 75 (all SA/DA and DAO models except SP-01 series), 85 (all models), 97-B, 99, 100, 101, 110
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