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Hi Buddy and welcome to the forums!

A great place to start is Patrick Sweeney's book "The Gun Digest Book of The 1911". ISBN 0-87349-281-1

Dave Lauck's Book "The Tactical 1911" is also a good resource. ISBN 0-87364-985-0

And then there is Layne Simpson's book "The Custom Government Model Pistol - Revised Edition" ISBN 1-879356-57-0

Hope that helps!

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I would like to add Jerry Kuhnhausen's "The Colt .45 Automatic A Shop Manual" and "The U.S. M1911/A1 Pistols & Commercial M1911 type pistols A Shop Manual" Vol 2. These cover every measurement and adjustment for a single stack 1911. I don't know of a DVD but Jerry does have a video of common mods. TryLenny Macgill he now has DVD's about everything.

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