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  1. I've only ever had fixed sights on the Glocks I've used for production and the .40's I reload for USPSA are nowhere near factory. I do know that I need to cover an 8" plate 2/3 of the way up at 20 yards. This is a different sight picture than I need for the Limited gun which is almost a 6 o'clock hold. Then again, I don't shoot production very much. If you can't adjust for the fixed sight, then adjust the fixed sight ... send the slide out or get a local smith to put a bomar on it for you.
  2. It normally takes a lot of rounds to find myself there, because I do love shooting so, but in the space between wanting to shoot and not wanting to shoot I just shoot.
  3. This probably sums it up for a lot of people here.
  4. Adjust everytime, Master, 8 MOA.
  5. Pics from the match Friday. Mud Bowl Deja Vu. Difficult Conditions. Squad 2 waiting to shoot stage 3. Billy (different Billy than Richmond Billy) is standing in a metal shooting box. Can you see it? Thanks for all the laughs to the shooters in Squad 2. Really rough day. I would do it again. PS. I'm going to build that step on thing that lowered the window on stage 11. It was awesome!!!! I might even bring it to the range one day and put it in a stage
  6. I actually grew up there ... graduated high school from there and everything. Kind of strange going back to shoot there.
  7. I'll be driving up from Plano on Friday morning. Any idea how long it will take to get to the range? I'd like to get there between 7:00 and 7:30am. What time do the locals leave to make it? Any secrets on getting there or are Google directions accurate? Sounds like it will be an adventure ... I can't wait Thanks in advance.
  9. "Feelings" are not a very reliable method of measuring performance ... use the timer ... don't chase it.
  10. I started out at 156. Got a call last Wednesdy saying they had a slot for me (thanks USPSA) ... confirmed time off on Thursday (thanks boss dudes) ... going to the show ... my shooter number is 443.
  11. Top Gun A Fish Called Wanda Big Trouble in Little China
  12. Nationals is in Vegas ... "roll the dice" ... I get it now ... took a little while ... I'm a little slow
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