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Winchester SX2 Accessories


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Re a PG stock, no one makes them but its actually quite easy to convert any 1100 PG stock to fit. You can convert 11/87 stocks but the 1100 stocks are easier due to the amount of material that fits into the stock 'socket' on the SX.

The 1100 overall dimensions are the same as the SX and all that is needed is about half an hour with a dremmel and a drill. The main bit of alteration is where the trigger group extends rearwards much further than the 1100 group so you need to drill and file back into the grip, and then alter the angles at the bottom part of the PG front face.

It sounds complicated but its not ! If you are handy with a dremmel I would attempt it youself, if not, any smith will find it an easy task.

The stocks will interchange between SX's and Brownings Golds and they work and look great :wub: I use a speedfeed IVS and it looks factory made for the gun, the cool thing is that you can still use it on a 1100 / 1187 after you convert it. If you want to see a photo of how they look, PM me with your e mail address and I will send you one.

Good luck

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I think we are all just in the waiting period for the aftermarket gadgets for the SX2. They are in the pipeline. As for the bolt handle. Make a rough drawing of what you want. Pull yours off, stop by your friendly local machinists (may take a few stops and be a little on the spendy side) and yippee. New bolt handle.


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I just recieved my SX 2 and am looking for some opinions on what choke to run. My came with a cylinder bore choke and patterns way to big. Also what ammo/shot size seems to work best?

Any recommendations on improving the trigger?

I got it off the members page and the seller was great. Thank you. I won't post his name to protect the innocent.

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It looks the same as the one on a Browning Gold.


Well......Interesting...the handle that is listed as "Winchester" is in fact for the Sx2, it is Briley's PN TSPA-21.....

At least that is what they advised me on the phone...I ordered one yesterday...we'll see when it comes in if it is correct!

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