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  1. https://practiscore.com/march-1st-mayberry-mars-precision-rimfire-match/register March 1st - Mayberry MARS Precision Rimfire Match Mayberry MGPA 22LR Precision Rifle Matches open Match starts: March 01, 2020 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: March 01, 2020 @ 2:00 PM Location: Westminster, Maryland 21158 Match Information: The Mayberry Game Protective Association (MGPA) will be holding a Precision Rimfire Rifle Match on Sunday, March 1, 2020. The match will be a friendly match that will provide both new and experienced shooters a challenge. All levels of experience are welcome to come. Shooters wishing to participate in the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series (MARS) points series must be a member of MARS. Memberships are available at the MARS website: www.midatlanticrimfireseries.com Location: Mayberry Game Protective Association Address: 2555 Mayberry Rd, Westminster, Maryland 21158 *If your navigation can't locate the address, use "Mayberry Archers" as your keyword. Date: Sunday, March 1, 2020 Time: -Check-in: 0800 -Match Start: 0900 Cost: $20 (Cash Only - To be paid on match day) Specifics: -.22LR only (No other rimfire/centerfire cartridge will be permitted) -Round count: bring 100+ -No redo’s… If you screw up or shoot someone else’s target, learn from it. -Eye/Ear protection required -Empty Chamber Indicator required -Know your DOPE from 25 - 330 yards. -For complete rules, visit: www.midatlanticrimfireseries.com -All official match communication will be done through PractiScore, so please make sure you are able to receive emails from PractiScore. Recommended Equipment: - .22 lr rifle with a removable magazine - Scope that can be easily dialed or held over for elevations. - Spare magazine(s) - Shooting bags, bipods, tripods, back pack, sling. Bring what you have. Several of us will also have equipment you may try. ***If you are new to precision rifle competitions, please email us for more details at midatlanticrimfireseries@gmail.com Hope to see you all there!
  2. For our MARS matches, we shoot between 25 - 300 yards. Must guys run similar scopes to their PRS rig, so 6-24 is normal. I'm currently running 4.5-27. I don't think anyone worries about the bottom end of the zoom, because we don't have multiple close range targets like in 3gun. 4-6x is fine. The extra high end is useful for matchstick type stages or zeroing, but it's not totally necessary either. The one feature that can impact shooting is how low your parallax focuses down. I think 25 yards is minimum.
  3. 36.3oz specs here: https://www.eurooptic.com/Leica-PRS-5-30x56-i-PRB-Riflescope-51300.aspx
  4. Looks promising. I couldn't find a price though. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2020/01/21/leica-prs-5-30x56-scope-with-prb-reticle/
  5. What's new for 2020 - https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/mars-2020-whats-new/ Welcome to a new season of MARS! The new 2020 Rulebook can be found here - Rulebook WHAT'S NEW: Series Qualifications To qualify for the Series Finale, competitors must shoot MARS matches at four (4) different participating clubs. The top scores from each of those 4 clubs will added together in the Series Points Leaderboard. Invitations to the Finale will be in order of series points standings at the end of the season. To become Series Champion, series points earned from the shooter's top scores at four (4) different clubs will be added with series points earned at the Finale. The highest series points will be declared the Champion. A match must have a minimum of 10 competitors to qualify for series points. Membership Dues are being established to help cover operating costs. Membership is not necessary to shoot in any MARS match. To participate in the points series, competitors must become MARS members. All registered members will receive a MARS membership number, which is how series points will be tracked. Membership for Bolt and Semi-Auto divisions will be $30 per year. Membership for Juniors will $1 per year. Only 1 set of scores in a 1 division will be tracked per membership. Multiple memberships may be purchased. Dues must be paid for scores to be tracked and posted on the MARS Leaderboard. Scores earned before membership will not be recorded. Memberships can be purchased at the MARS Store. New Junior division 15 years old and younger Beginner classes Unsure about coming to your first match? Have a spouse or junior you want to gently introduce into the sport? MARS now offers private, introductory classes. We will teach you everything you need to know to attend a match. Click here for more info. New Clubs Alexander Sporting Farm LHK Shooting Sports Northern Virginia Gun Club Precision Rimfire Shooters For the full list of matches, click here.  For the latest updates, follow MARS by entering your email at the bottom of the MARS website.
  6. Use your 22LR upper to compete in precision rifle rimfire matches. Great training for centerfire.
  7. Not sure if they still do it, but I've gotten a barrel and matching bolt from White Oak.
  8. Hoping this will be a reliable alternative.
  9. MARS has 35 matches for 2020 spread across 8 clubs in 4 different states! For full details visit – https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/matches/ 1/12 LHK 2/9 LHK 3/1 Mayberry 3/15 Topton 3/15 NVGC March York March LHK 4/18 Hamburg 4/19 NVGC 4/26 Baltimore 4/26 Topton April LHK 5/3 Alexander 5/10 Mayberry 5/16 Hamburg 5/17 NVGC May LHK 6/13 Hamburg 6/21 NVGC 6/28 Baltimore June LHK 7/12 Mayberry 7/19 NVGC 7/26 York July LHK 8/2 Alexander 8/16 NVGC Aug LHK 9/12 Hamburg 9/20 NVGC 9/27 Baltimore 9/27 Topton Sept LHK Oct LHK 10/17 Hamburg - FINALE 2020 Rulebook coming soon… To get all the latest updates, signup for email notifications at the bottom of the website.
  10. Understood. I’m looking for a do everything 2011, so the P might work for me.
  11. Doesn’t the Staccato P start at $1999? How do the P and the Edge compare? I’m just learning about 2011s.
  12. I'm in a similar dilemma. I'm liking the 2020 Staccato P Duo, but should I go custom instead? Anyone know a custom maker that does something comparable?
  13. Did you all see the new STI 2020 lineup? https://www.instagram.com/p/B54BpPTn196/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link "Sti 2011 is proud to introduce the 2020 product lineup!Picture1 the staccato XL,double stack ,steel frame ,5.4in barrel available in 9mm or 40 cal2 staccato R steel frame, single stack,5 inch bushing barrel available in 9mm or 45acp3 staccato p now with a 4.4inchbarrel available only in 9mm4 staccato p duo now with a 4.4 inch barrel5 staccato C2, our ever so popular staccato c now comes in a double stack! Aluminum frame 3.9inchbarrel chambered in 9mm 6 staccato c2 duo. Oh yes! You can put a dot on this! 7 staccato c duo. You all asked for it so here it is! Mount your favorite pistol mounted red dot on the aluminum frame staccato c! 8 you all loved the Omni so here it is in staccato form! The staccato XC!Make sure to visit us at shot show and check out all the new hotness!"
  14. I'm waiting for the Bergara B 14 HMR (Hunting Match Rifle). I like a traditional stock and a lighter weight. I've called a few dealers and it seems there is no anticipated date for arrival yet.
  15. Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards return the Vltor upper to brownells. I have not decided on whether to exchange it for another Vltor MUR or return it for a different upper. Opinions? Anyone have recommendations on a high precision upper?
  16. I'm trying to build a precision ar15 so I got a 20" WOA barrel and a Vltor MUR upper. Both high quality parts according to my research. The issue is when I insert the barrel into the upper there is some play. It slips in very easily. When it is in, there is a little rattle when the whole unit is shaken. The barrel nut has not been installed. I have never experienced this in the 6 other ar-15s I have built. Is this a problem? Will this effect accuracy? Should I shim it or use Loctite? Should I exchange the upper for something else? I have not torqued the barrel nut yet, but I'm assuming the rattle will go away when I do it. I was just wondering if that little bit of space will negatively effect the rifle.
  17. I recently discovered that channel. He seems to do a good job, but I don't have much experience. How legit is his info? ***EDIT - nevermind, I saw the other thread
  18. I'm trying out the Taccom Duaload Belt Line 16rnder because of the price. I believe you can attach tek-locs to the system, so there seems to be the same flexibility as the cabon arms. We will see when I actually receive them. The website said 2 weeks but I asked about my order on facebook and they said it would be going out today.
  19. MSA Sordin Pro IV. I had the Peltor Tac 6S and the Sordin's are far superior. First off, they are very comfortable. I can wear mine all day and not really notice them. You can also get gel pads for them which many people rave about. I may try these because mine pads are wearing out due to use. Second, they have very good sound. The clarity of the amplification is excellent. This becomes very important if you use them with foam ear plugs when indoors or around lots of machine guns. No single hearing pro is enough when lots of people are shooting indoors. Third, they have excellent battery life - 200 hrs on 2 AAA. Finally, they are very rugged. Pat Rogers, the military trainer, recommended them to me for their durability. Most of this, though, is subjective. But I do believe they are considered one of the best in the market. They are super expensive, though. I waited for a group buy to get mine. Be careful going by NRR ratings. I find they are not that accurate from company to company. Got ones you can afford and are comfortable.
  20. It is on my list to call them but easier to do a quick request here and see what I get. I will advise what I find out. You motivated me to do it tomorrow. Jay Did you ever find a retention holster for the sp-01?
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