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  1. I'm waiting for the Bergara B 14 HMR (Hunting Match Rifle). I like a traditional stock and a lighter weight. I've called a few dealers and it seems there is no anticipated date for arrival yet.
  2. Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards return the Vltor upper to brownells. I have not decided on whether to exchange it for another Vltor MUR or return it for a different upper. Opinions? Anyone have recommendations on a high precision upper?
  3. I'm trying to build a precision ar15 so I got a 20" WOA barrel and a Vltor MUR upper. Both high quality parts according to my research. The issue is when I insert the barrel into the upper there is some play. It slips in very easily. When it is in, there is a little rattle when the whole unit is shaken. The barrel nut has not been installed. I have never experienced this in the 6 other ar-15s I have built. Is this a problem? Will this effect accuracy? Should I shim it or use Loctite? Should I exchange the upper for something else? I have not torqued the barrel nut yet, but I'm assuming the rattle will go away when I do it. I was just wondering if that little bit of space will negatively effect the rifle.
  4. I recently discovered that channel. He seems to do a good job, but I don't have much experience. How legit is his info? ***EDIT - nevermind, I saw the other thread
  5. I'm trying out the Taccom Duaload Belt Line 16rnder because of the price. I believe you can attach tek-locs to the system, so there seems to be the same flexibility as the cabon arms. We will see when I actually receive them. The website said 2 weeks but I asked about my order on facebook and they said it would be going out today.
  6. MSA Sordin Pro IV. I had the Peltor Tac 6S and the Sordin's are far superior. First off, they are very comfortable. I can wear mine all day and not really notice them. You can also get gel pads for them which many people rave about. I may try these because mine pads are wearing out due to use. Second, they have very good sound. The clarity of the amplification is excellent. This becomes very important if you use them with foam ear plugs when indoors or around lots of machine guns. No single hearing pro is enough when lots of people are shooting indoors. Third, they have excellent battery life - 200 hrs on 2 AAA. Finally, they are very rugged. Pat Rogers, the military trainer, recommended them to me for their durability. Most of this, though, is subjective. But I do believe they are considered one of the best in the market. They are super expensive, though. I waited for a group buy to get mine. Be careful going by NRR ratings. I find they are not that accurate from company to company. Got ones you can afford and are comfortable.
  7. It is on my list to call them but easier to do a quick request here and see what I get. I will advise what I find out. You motivated me to do it tomorrow. Jay Did you ever find a retention holster for the sp-01?
  8. dukduk and I had a conversation on PM, but I thought I would relay the info for anyone else who might be interested. dukduk's custom gcode is not the RTI system. It's the standard g code DUTY Mount Kydex Belt-Slide. The Duty Mount makes the XST holster just over 2" from the body and therefore not USPSA production/single stack compliant. The gcode Universal Belt Slide mount will make the XST holster right around 2". I'm hoping it will be compliant.
  9. Wow Great Pic they are worth a thousand words how lond diid it tack him to get you the hood and alterations I am short on Time have toi use it in the Tarheel match in a month and need some practice days and about how much for the whole set up Thanks again Dan the holster came like that from gcode, took him a couple of weeks but he also has regular orders for holsters. he mocked up the drop/offset based off the one from gcode, the uspsa rulebook and my crappy description. pm me if u want his info. Nice rig. Is that the RTI quick detach system on the G-Code? I remember you talking about it before. For my rig, I was thinking of using the XST holster like you but not using the RTI system and just using a standard belt loop attachment. I'm thinking that would make it USPSA legal (under 2") because the RTI system adds around 1/2" and it was 1/2" over with the RTI. What do you think?
  10. Did you ever figure out a solution? I'm interested in this set up as well.
  11. Thanks for this thread. I had the same questions. One question on sizing though when you get your kit - what pants size are you? How does everything fit?
  12. Besides JP Rifles, do any other companies make dedicated 3gun ar15s? I mean the rifle is advertized as a 3gun rifle and it is set up as a 3gun rifle.
  13. chris rhines and i will be there. but, we also have not decided where to stay. dave luu
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