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  1. Guns.com just released a new video on precision rimfire rifle competitions and the Mid Atlantic Rimfire Series. They interview me and a bunch of MARS shooters. Check it out and pass it on to whoever you think might be interested in trying it out. Come out and give it a try! Full article at https://www.guns.com/news/precision-rimfire-shooting-is-a-fast-growing-sport
  2. https://practiscore.com/march-1st-mayberry-mars-precision-rimfire-match/register March 1st - Mayberry MARS Precision Rimfire Match Mayberry MGPA 22LR Precision Rifle Matches open Match starts: March 01, 2020 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: March 01, 2020 @ 2:00 PM Location: Westminster, Maryland 21158 Match Information: The Mayberry Game Protective Association (MGPA) will be holding a Precision Rimfire Rifle Match on Sunday, March 1, 2020. The match will be a friendly match that will provide both new and experienced shooters a challenge. All levels of experience are welcome
  3. For our MARS matches, we shoot between 25 - 300 yards. Must guys run similar scopes to their PRS rig, so 6-24 is normal. I'm currently running 4.5-27. I don't think anyone worries about the bottom end of the zoom, because we don't have multiple close range targets like in 3gun. 4-6x is fine. The extra high end is useful for matchstick type stages or zeroing, but it's not totally necessary either. The one feature that can impact shooting is how low your parallax focuses down. I think 25 yards is minimum.
  4. 36.3oz specs here: https://www.eurooptic.com/Leica-PRS-5-30x56-i-PRB-Riflescope-51300.aspx
  5. Looks promising. I couldn't find a price though. https://precisionrifleblog.com/2020/01/21/leica-prs-5-30x56-scope-with-prb-reticle/
  6. What's new for 2020 - https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/mars-2020-whats-new/ Welcome to a new season of MARS! The new 2020 Rulebook can be found here - Rulebook WHAT'S NEW: Series Qualifications To qualify for the Series Finale, competitors must shoot MARS matches at four (4) different participating clubs. The top scores from ea
  7. Use your 22LR upper to compete in precision rifle rimfire matches. Great training for centerfire.
  8. Not sure if they still do it, but I've gotten a barrel and matching bolt from White Oak.
  9. Hoping this will be a reliable alternative.
  10. MARS has 35 matches for 2020 spread across 8 clubs in 4 different states! For full details visit – https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/matches/ 1/12 LHK 2/9 LHK 3/1 Mayberry 3/15 Topton 3/15 NVGC March York March LHK 4/18 Hamburg 4/19 NVGC 4/26 Baltimore 4/26 Topton April LHK 5/3 Alexander 5/10 Mayberry 5/16 Hamburg 5/17 NVGC May LHK 6/13 Hamburg 6/21 NVGC 6/28 Baltimore June LHK 7/12 Mayberry 7/19 NVGC 7/26 York July LHK 8/2 Alexander 8/16 NVGC Aug LHK 9/12 Hamburg 9/20 NVGC 9/27 Baltimore 9/27 Topton Sept
  11. Understood. I’m looking for a do everything 2011, so the P might work for me.
  12. Doesn’t the Staccato P start at $1999? How do the P and the Edge compare? I’m just learning about 2011s.
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