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Chrono your match ammo or else!!!


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Ok, so I am borrowing a press, and getting ready for a trip to Argentina. My buddy says "yup, that'll make it, no sweat."

I keep practicing and the ammo feels good, but just a hair soft for comfort. I bump it up a tenth, then another. I have no chrono, but I damned sure don't want to go to Argentina for a match and minor.

So, the wind up is I get sick (salmonilla, no fun BTW) and miss the match. A week later my new chrono shows up, I decide to test the ammo I had loaded for the match.

188.7pf. :huh:

There's a mark in my hat brim from where the thing was nearly banging me in the head!!!

I mean, I just thought I was a wimp and wasn't holding onto the gun. I gues the bright side is that I shouldbe able to really smoke when I go back to a 171pf.


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All my ammo for the last year has been chrono'd at 189-191 PF. I never really cared until I shot a friend's ammo that was at 167. My gun did not jump.

It is one of the reasons I finally broke down and purchased a Dillon.

I will start producing my own stuff this month- just as soon as I finish the last 300 rounds of the old stuff.

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definitely chrono..even if you are shooting factory ammo..

things change so much just from factors of barrels, temperature, powder lots, etc..

my open gun has been chugging along nicely at 168pf-169pf..but new powder lot came in ...and out we go to verify..

and then make sure you keep a note book...can't tell you how often I have gone back to years ago data just to check something and work up a new load...

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I was doing quite a bit of shooting in the 5 weeks

between my Black Badge course and my novice

match. I was shooting a Colt Lightweight Commander.

I didn't have a chronograph so I was going by "feel",

and I was desperate to make major.

I would shoot 300 rounds, or so, and think to myself

"That's not too harsh". So I would add a little more

powder to the next lot. A 27 ounce gun is supposed

to bounce around a little bit, isn't it?

A week before my novice match, I was able to get

my loads through a chrono. The power factor was 215.

I downloaded for the match and came in at 198.

I now have a chronograph. Interestingly enough, there

were no real signs of pressure. Sure threw the brass a

long ways, though.


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