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My son, the pro artist


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My son is profoundly disabled and spends his weekdays in adult day care at an RHD (Resources for Human Development) facility in St Peters, MO, Blank Canvas Studios.

They provide materials and assistance for their clients to produce art, craft items, and music/video productions. Their work is displayed for sale and when sold, the client receives 75% of the proceeds of the sale. The 25% retained is used to cover the costs of materials.

When I picked up my son for visitation, I learned that he'd made his first sale and received a "paycheck" this week. The look on his face when we discussed it was worth far more than the value of the check. Truly priceless.

I am so grateful that we found RHD/BCS and that we were able to place him in their program. As you might surmise, many of the care facilities provide little more than a warehouse for their clients. Most are not pleasant places at all. He goes every day with joy and clearly loves to be there.

Very proud of my son, to say the least. The obstacles he must overcome on a daily basis just to rise and meet the day are daunting. If I had even a small fraction of that spirit and will, I would own the world.

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Thank you very much gentlemen. When my son accomplishes something it is a big deal, and I'll shout it loudly, no question.

Awesome!!! Do they have a web page that we could possible buy or bid on there art?

They show during local art shows, primarily those oriented to "outsider art". Website for the org is here: http://blankcanvasstudios.org/

The shows I've been aware of are held at the Koken Art Factory in St Louis. Koken specializes in supporting the outsider artist community.


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