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Question - Possible issue with loads and Powder measure?

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I didn't realize it at first but the retaining spring on my SDb Powder measure came off during my session. I probably loaded maybe 50 this way. I know in between I checked grains at 3.9 of Clays. It did feel like the the powder bar was coming all the way back.

Do you think I have a problem with my last batch of loads?

Pic of what I'm talking about:


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Not likely. The return rod is what brings the powder bar back. If you think there is a problem, then you should break em down and reload from the drop station on. Always err on the side of caution. Good practice.

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If you have a digital scale you can weigh them individually.

Look for -3.9 gr and +7.8 .

No powder and double charges

I would not do that for three reasons. there is variation in case weight especially if reloading different case stamps and second there may be partial charges or inconsistent charging if the fail safe was not "snapping" or the powder bar was not moving fully. bets bet is to break em down and take no chances. Edited by bajadudes
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I have NEVER been able to weigh rounds to determine a problem nor can I shake a case and hear the powder--nor can I shake a handful of cases and hear the cracked one.

You can do one of two things: break them all down and find they were all find (that is what always happens to me)


You can shoot them and WATCH for a squib. You just can't shoot fast. Use the time for trigger control and focusing on the front sight.

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