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  1. I have found for the smoothest operating press. Use the FFB Expander/Swage backup unit with a Dillon powder funnel. Press will run like butter!
  2. You are invited to join us at the SC IDPA State October 18-19. Get a tough Match in a week before Nationals! (Were about 300 miles away) Great Sponsors with excellent prizes! Practiscore link for all info. Thanks for looking. https://practiscore.com/battle-of-belton-sc-state-championship-idpa-10-19-2019/register
  3. SD1

    CZ TS LSP 9mm

    Thank you brother
  4. SD1

    CZ TS LSP 9mm

    Heck both if possible
  5. SD1

    CZ TS LSP 9mm

    Does anyone have and exact weight of this pistol on a quality scale?
  6. Like the post above you states. You have to remove a touch off the lower sear leg. It's binding on the trigger bar.
  7. I'm guessing the Sear is out of timing and block is getting jammed on the firing pin. Also drive your ejector pin in further before you have another issue.
  8. Inspect cut out for roll pin underneath the casefeeder plate. Is the clutch worn and plate is jumping on the roll pin?
  9. That and a few simple mods make them run like a champ
  10. Did anyone give Dave@CGW a disco or specs?
  11. It looked much better with the WHITE hospital tape!
  12. I spoke to Dave at Cajun GW. he is unaware of customers installing a Type 3 in a Tanfo Stock 3. I am assuming everyone is ordering online. Long story short, if he gets enough interest he is open to have a Tanfo Disco on the shelf, so blow his phones up and email him all that are looking.
  13. Adam, How did your field test go? Also what hammer and trigger are you using?
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