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Got the gun, now what?


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I'm looking for training tips and techniques for airsoft now that I have a reasonable gun. Would anyone be willing ot share what their training regime looks like. I'm having ot take this season off for the most part due to time and money constraints, but I would like to do SOMETHING to feel like I'm not completely out of the game.


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Check out what Phil does when he doesn't have time to go to the range:


This will give you some ideas as to how to set up some targets and movement drills. Good luck.

Checked out several videos and they don't work.

Indicates "This Video is Private". Do we need a password or something.



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To start, take 2-3 small-ish cardboard boxes, stuff them with newspaper, and stick scaled targets on boxes. Use these in your dry-fire drills.

For steel, it is easy enough to make a plate rack out of some hinges & 4" electrical cover plates.

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