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Rounds sticking in chamber


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Hello All, I'm having an odd issue with rounds sticking in the chamber of my open gun. It will run perfectly for around 90-100 rounds then all of a sudden the rounds are sticking and the extractor slips right over the rim, maybe every 4th or 5th round once it starts. Another odd thing is that after this happens, I can easily extract the round manually - it is by no means a "death jam" type problem, just real annoying and a stage time killer. So far I've polished the chamber (twice), replaced the extractor with a standard variety, and currently have a brand new Aftec extractor installed. I've tried different ammo, (my normal loads are hot 38 Super - 115gr running around 1500fps), but 124gr and even some 150gr loads under much less pressure - all have not resolved this. Sure, if I bore-snake the chamber/barrel and lube the chamber lightly I can make it through the match but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I'd like to find the root of the problem and fix it - also I'm primarily using IMR7625, but the same is happening with AutoComp, TrueBlue and HS-6 powders. Any ideas?

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Yes, I experienced this exact same thing. Exactly!

My fix? Bought a new Brazos Thundercomp barrel in 9mm and sent it to GANs. Problem solved.

Closely inspect all your brass. Are any of them slightly bulged? Look from the middle up. Any deformity, little bulge showing anywhere?

For me it was a bad chamber, which I hear is not very common. Gun would just fail to extract, I noticed the case had a slight bulge, barely noticeable unless you really examined it. When the gun fired it bulged out and kinda locked it in place.

All this plays out on page 21-22 of Fourtrax's Range Report, I tried just about everything, like you. Finally I called GANs ( lower half of page 22) and we did some measuring over the phone. I had me gun back a week later, better than ever!

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