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Revolver Mythbuster.


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I know the myth is true

Last year a guy at our range had a 460 or 500 smith, he let some else shoot it, the gun jammed with the hammer back.

for some reason, he grabs the gun from the guy with his hand covering the barrel cylinder gap, and it goes off

He didn't lose any fingers, but it blew a gash at least 1/4" wide, across the entire palm and about as deep

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Saw a fellow use the canvas top on his jeep to steady his hand and slit open the canvas from his revolver’s gap side blast. I don’t recall the caliber, but it was a magnum (.357/.41/.44) and he wasn’t happy.

The chicken bone hand emulator was pretty cool. I’m not sure that Mythbusters is always real science but I do enjoy watching it and think it would be a kick to be part of their crew, they look like they are having a blast!

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