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Ok, I am new to the USPSA shooting. I am going to have to travel from my little town I live in to Houston to start competing. I currently shoot 2 IDPA matches a month here and I have been shooting for A LONG TIME.

I currently shoot a STI Trojan in 9mm and I reload all my own stuff.

I am currently looking to get an open gun. I was told to go to .38 super. So, would you stay with the 9mm or go .38 super and build a round for that gun? Also would I be best off with a STI Trubore or try to find something else and wait 6 months for a build?

Thank you for your time.


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Stay with 9mm? 9MAJOR is what you talking about. I shoot a 9 and would never consider switching to a 38. Some have good luck with stock STI's but many need work to bring them up to par. I would email Matt Cheely and have him build you a 9.

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I'm all for the 9mm option. Especially if you'll load for 2 of them... no press changes, just adjust powder and keep going. Sounds good to me. On the Gun, think about a local gun smith that you shoot with. Not sure if it's an option, but I purchased from a gun smith that I shoot with and if he has to work on it he can just take it home from a match and then bring it next week! Make sure to research him and don't just trust any squid that offers. When in doubt, I don't think ANYONE has complained about a Trubore.

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I have two TruBore's - one tuned by Dawson and one tuned by Brazos, both 9mm major.

Only disadvantage to the TruBore that I 've heard of is that you can't get a 1.5 - 2.5 lb

trigger without changing parts - but that's fine with me - I'm at 3 - 3.5 lbs and that's as

light as I'd like to go. If you're looking for a real light trigger - probably best to get one

made for you - but, I'd buy the TruBor now so you can start shooting - you'll need a

backup gun for later, anyway.

Brazos runs like a champ unless I need a new spring ... I use the Dawson for practice.

I wouldn't consider .38 super unless I were a GM, trying to beat the top five guys - then

I'd consider it. 9mm major is just fine for me.


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I have one local gun smith and he used to build guns but now he is slow and has a lot of complaints about his work. In fact I took my Trojan to him to work on the trigger and he screwed it up. I brought it home and worked on it for a couple of hours and it feels like silk.

I was really leaning towards the Trubor but I have heard you have to still do some work to it like change some springs and the trigger as you suggested.

I have a call in to a couple of gunsmiths people here have mentioned and I am waiting to hear back. I will contact Dawson today and see what their turn around is. They are located here in Texas so I might just take it to them.

Now to convince the spouse to let me take the money out. LOL

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