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  1. The 41 is beautiful, accurate, and heavy. IMO, too heavy. 46 ounces will make transitions slow. A Ruger 22/45 weighs 23 ounces, a huge difference. You will handicap yourself.
  2. Here http://www.sheridanengineering.com/index-2.htm
  3. Yes, so very hard to compare results.
  4. Do you know for sure what powder Hornady used?
  5. I just received my RPR in 6.5 CM, and installed a Timney in it. I ordered 1000 Starline brass for it, since I've had great results with Starline in my Savage 12 and Ruger SR-556. IMO, just as good as any brass, at a great price. I'll be loading a few next week, and after installing a Vortex Viper, heading out to Pima Pistol to break it in.
  6. 'Our' rules say 21', that's what's important.
  7. https://steelchallenge.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/SCSARules.pdf http://www.rimfirechallenge.org/docs/2018RCSARuleBook-v010418.pdf 7 yds. minimum
  8. It sounds like a headspace problem.
  9. Hey Josh, I have one, maybe 1,000 to 1,500 rds on it. I’m building a target AR with a 24” barrel. So I’m putting a 2 stage in it. I’ll sell it shipped and insured for $100.00. 

    Let me know.

    1. joshxdm9


      I thank you sir for offering that to me. I 

      received a pm from another member 

      immediately after posting and bought his. 

      Thanks again 


    2. atbarr
  10. I've tried open, shooting Major PF. Too much for my arthritic hands and wrist to handle. I'm shooting a G19 with a RMR, and I love it. 130 PF is a long way from >170 PF.
  11. I have carried a gun concealed since 1987, I know a lot of people that carry a gun. I don't know of anyone that carries one with an optic. I have never heard anyone I know say they would even consider an optic. See post #125
  12. You betcha! My EDC is my G19 with a RMR, in a Blade-Tech IWB Razor. Very comfortable. This is also my Steel pistol. I have a G21 with a RMR also, I shoot it in Carry Optics.
  13. What percentage of sales of Sig, are plastic guns?
  14. I'm going to say somewhere between 2005-8. You'd need to look through BOD meeting minutes.... Actually narrowed it down a little by way of rulebooks: The division exists in the 2008 rulebook. I'm thinking '06 or possibly '07 was the provisional year. Probably '07 -- I'm thinking the push to make it official was due to the new rulebook coming out. So I'd start by looking at the Fall Board meeting for 2006 to look for the vote to establish the provisional division/approve its equipment rules, and then to look at fall 07 for the final approval. It's possible that I'm off by a year -- but st
  15. Isn't CO on the agenda at the Shot Show?
  16. If this was a rifle cartridge, I'd be concerned.
  17. That would be akin to shooting SS in a major match using a DOH... What a smart ass you are! :^) See you soon Buddy!
  18. My email to my AD Rick Steele On Aug 5, 2015, at 3:26 PM, A.T. Barr <XXXXXXX@me.com> wrote: Hello Rick, I know the Maximum of Carry Optics is 35 oz. with an empty mag. So, my G19 is approximately 29 oz. with a RMR and a magazine. So, can I add 5.5 oz of weight, for a total of 34.5 oz. and still shoot Carry Optics? A.T. His reply Hi A.T. Yes you can add weight to get to 35 oz. but it would have to be internal. If you look at the appendix, it was copied from the Production appendix with modifications for Carry optics. So with that being said, I can see a tungsten gu
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