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Match 40 w/henning FO and rear Blade sight shooting high


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I have had my match since October and immediately got rid of the stock sights and put henning's FO front sight and rear blade sight. I have been trying different loads using precision delta FMJ's, Berry's Plated, and SNS lead. Powders I have tried are Accurate No. 5, Power Pistol, and Titegroup. Mixed brass. CCI No. 500 small pistol primers. All are shooting at about 950 fps based off of data (for a pf of about 170-171). I do not have a chrono because I am a college student who would rather buy bullets than bread (and a $100 chrono). The problem is I have been shooting 4 inches high at 15 yards and 10 inches at 30 yards! At first I thought it was me, so I let a friend, the RO on duty, and my dad shoot it, same thing. I have no problem windage wise my groups are straight vertical from the POA. I've been getting by just by aiming low, but it is getting frustrating especially with an upcoming steel challenge on Sunday, and I do not want to adjust my POA for a 35 yard shot. I emailed henning's shop. I haven't gotten a response, but I'm sure they are really busy especially with the expansion of his website and the recent influx in orders because of the p*litical situation.

Does anyone have suggestions? Maybe file the bottom of the rear sight to bring it down a little? I don't want to do irreversible damage to my sights though without consulting the community. Should I just live with it and aim lower? Change my load? I just want my limited gun to work!!!!! :(

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Steve is correct on how to fix it, you need to file off the TOP of the the rear sight, which will then lower the front of the gun when you line your sights up.

But I"m still perplexed at how a set of sights designed for the load you are shooting is that far off.

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