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Getting the call


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I just love getting the call from Brandon @ SV that a new gun is ready for transfer. Even though we California folks have to buy off the roster and jump through a few extra hoops, I now know the long wait is coming to an end.

Now where did I put that FFL info? :goof:

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Well even though the CA model is stunning, the eventual gun will be even stunning-er :surprise:


custom Xcellerator serrations (tighter spacing)

custom engraving - nothing flashy

jumbo magwell


I had plans for Maui late March and those have been rescheduled to late April. If all goes well, I'll have the new blaster in time.

Whoo Hoo!

Pics when I get it!

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OK - so I didn't get the real deal in time for Maui, but... I just got the call that it is finally ready to ship. So BOOYAH for me.

One pic here in a few days and the rest in the gallery as time permits. I'll be shooting it soon.

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Finally had time to get pics of the CA model I picked up on Monday. It's already on it's way back to SV....

Will post pics of the real deal in the Gallery when it comes in.

Funny...... once you buy a "cali legal" 1911 in any form, you can then send it off for any modification you want short of full auto operation. I had a whole new gun built up onto a 1911 receiver I had.... perfectly legal. (but stinking expensive) Edited by bountyhunter
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