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House of Cards - Netflix Original Series


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Candis and I just finished it, and we both really liked it.

I was thinking about it... It "had to have been good," because there is not a topic I could care less about that politics - but I thought the show was fantastic.

Kevin Spacey was awesome - and pretty much every other major character was top notch, as was the storyline.

More info and review:


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I thought it was pretty good, not perfect....

I didn't care about anything happening at the water initiative....

On the other hand -- Corey Stahl's performance as Pete Russo might have been better than Spacey's.

Spacey highlights include the trip back to his district, the reunion at the military academy, and the whole conversation with Kate Mara's character as they embark on the affair.

Mara describing the photograph as "mutual admiration society" still cracks me up.....

I'll look forward to Season 2....

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