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Seating die depth


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Complet newb to reloading, I just finished reloading a few rounds. I reloading 165 grain 40 cal bullets with accurate no2 powder. My question is I don't think the seating die is seating the bullet deep enough. All the bullets fit into my g23 barrel fine but when I tried to load a mag I could feel the top of the bullet brushing against the front of the mag and I could only get 9 rounds in. So how would I adjust the die to the correct depth?

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What press? What dies? If they're standard Dillon dies just loosen the retaining nut and screw the die down into the tool head a bit. If you don't have a caliper to measure your OAL, get one!!! OAL is important for not only fitment in mags, chamber, etc. but also for pressure in the cartridge itself. Pressure is important if you're shooting a Glock with an unsupported chamber. You should really be setting up your dies with for a particular OAL that you are loading for out of a manual or well known recipe. Finally, you need to know the OAL that you're loading for each particular powder, powder weight and bullet so you can keep notes or a log on what you're loading.

If you don't have access to a chronograph to measure the velocity of your finished loads I would recommend you get one so you know if your load is dangerous or not.

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If you don't have a scale4 how do you know how much powder you put it the cases? If you do not know how much powder is in the cases THROW THEM AWAY they are dangerous and may very well blow up the gun and you.


As of know I'm using my dads scale, between that and the auto disk powder measure I have on my press I'm pretty sure I got the right amount of powder. I have only loaded 10 rounds but made sure I was throwing the right amount of powder.

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You should look at a Redding Competition Seating die. Makes it a lot easier and more repeatable. I would also suggest the EGW undersized seating die. My Glock likes anything from 1.120 to 1.145 OAL. You need a chrono or borrow one, to be safe. Lots of good load data here on the forum.

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I need a caliper. I was looking at my reloading data and could not find an oal unless they abbreviate it col?

When you look at a recommended load - they specify:

* type of powder

* amount of powder

* bullet (each bullet requires a different load)

* oal or coal or col

If any of these are changed, you have a different load.

Important to follow procedure to set your oal - check minimum

length in reloading manual for That Particular Bullet - not just

the weight, but the shape also - and lead vs jacketed is totally

different. E.g., if you're using a 180 gr MG FMJ, you need to

look up the 180 gr MG FMJ - you can't assume it will be the

same for the 135 gr MG FMJ bullet.

And, you need calipers and a chrono - especially if you're

developing a .40 MAJOR load.

If you post here on BE what exactly you're using - someone will

be happy to give you some GREAT info on how to load that,

exactly = which powder, which oal, which bullet - we have experts

standing by 24/7 to help you load that load, safely. :cheers:

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