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  1. If you OPT-OUT using that you will no longer receive Front Sight. I got a notice about that earlier because I have not shot a match in a couple of years due to health issues but do still help out with the local club. Brian
  2. It sounds like either a bad ground on the body of the light and/or a bad ballast unit in the light. Either way it is rebuild or replace time for the light. Brian
  3. There is a stickied thread in the "Dillon Machine" section that is all about what to lube and with what for each of the machines. And as I recall yes it is normal for the powder funnel to touch the shellplate even without a case in that position. If you do not have a manual you can download it from Dillon. Brian
  4. That and if his 9mm dies are 35+ years old they may be steel and not carbide so they would have to be lubed no matter what. Brian
  5. How about taking the CLASS winners from each division. That would be 6 shooters from each area. Brian
  6. The point where it had to be uninstalled first was going from 0.9.x to 1.0.x. Brian
  7. It is the little sticker that you put over the hole in the targets. Brian
  8. What browser are you using. It may be logging you in automatically when you come to the site. Brian
  9. Guys, think about this a little please. Both the hole that the primer punch screws into and the hole that the index ball goes into are BOTH in the platform and no matter what position the platform is in the spacing between them never changes. That leaves either a shellplate that is too tight or the index block being out of position and that is it for centering the primer punch. The alignment tool is for setting the alignment for the shellplate to match the toolhead. Brian
  10. I wish that you people would stop posting links that point at sign in screens. Brian
  11. True but it is a one time only change because you can load the other calibers with those parts on the feeder. Brian
  12. Nope you can only edit a post for two days and then that post is locked. Brian
  13. Were they all in one division or in multiple divisions? In the past it was allowed to have up to 6 classifiers in one match (Level 1 Special), but there was never anything that said you could not shoot the match multiple times in different divisions. Brian
  14. Aliant lists a MAX charge of 5.8 gr. for a 124 Gold Dot HP at a minimum OAL of 1.12. So drop about 15 % to start working up a load from there. If you find that you have to have an even shorter OAL drop it even more to start. Brian
  15. It is a problem with alignment on the powder die. It catches the edge of the brass when it is supposed to go into the die to bell it. Brian
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