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  1. My carry 1911 is a Springfield v-10. It is an older model that is no longer in production but I have never had a problem out of it. I have about 700-800 rounds through it and I have no idea how many times it was shot before I bought it. Honestly just buy what you like, putt a few 100 rounds through it and you should be good to go
  2. Really nice, I just got one and love it. I'm running the Wilson combat mags and it seems to be holding up so far
  3. I shoot this on on Sunday, I did it in 4.55 seconds with a hit factor of 8.3516. It was my best stage of the day lol. Forgot to add I was shooting single stack
  4. Will do, I always find my self looking for the holes instead instead of watching the sights and calling the shoots
  5. 180 grain 40 cal lead hmc bullet and accurate no 2 powder, right now I'm throwing about 4.4 gr of powder, witch is right in between the recommend minimum and max according to my loading sheets. Some guys at the local match said it looked a little soft and that I might not be making major power factor. I know I should just chrono my loads but I do t have access to one until they either setup one at my local match and I wait for a big match so for now this is the only way to feed back.
  6. Just a follow up, I have had good success with my reloads. I found the information online from lee loading data and accurate's loading information. Thank you to every one that helped out.
  7. Quick question, I shoot a couple of classifies at a local match, ( unfortunately they were just for practice) but I won one of the stages in my division, so how do I figure out my percentage? Is it 100?
  8. I just bought a sti Trojan in 40 cal. I haven't done any practice shooting with it but I shoot a match with it last week and I was very happy with it. I don't know anything about idpa or bullseye but it seems that the 40 cal is a very versatile round. You can load down to minor for steel challenge and load major for uspsa single stack. Also the Trojan came with adjustable rear sight and a FO front sight. Just my 2 cents
  9. Alright, thanks for all the feed back,
  10. I agree with you, I understand that it's not the gun it's the shooter. Bob Volgel (sp?) has proven that. I was just wonder what they was using to build their 2011 limited guns
  11. Alright thanks, and I wish it was that easy to become a pro lol
  12. I have been shooting for about a year, I'm not a "great" shooter by no means but I manage to compete with guys in A and B class for 3rd or 4th place at our local match. I think I'm going to change the recoil spring out for a 13-14 lb spring and have a trigger job done by a local smith that I have got a lot of good feedback from. I want to put the egw ultimate trigger components in it. But that's about it for enternals. From what I am gathering that's about all I should have to do ( on the inside of the gun ). Am I missing anything or does anybody have other recommendation?
  13. So the main difference is that their guns are properly sprung? I understand how the springs help and understand the after market parts being better quality but does it really make that big of a difference?
  14. So I recently bought a sti tactical 5 inch. All I have done is put a sti mag well on it. It runs great, the stock recoil master gives it a little dip but nothing to bad. What I am wanting to know is what do GM's and M's or pro shooters do to their 2011's to make them run smoother and flatter? What is the difference between their guns or a custom built gun and my gun? If this is already covered in a thread somewhere I'm sry but I didn't see it anywhere and I have looked
  15. the sti tactical 5 inch is my limited gun. i love this pistol. the rail gives me a memery placement for my thumb. ill post pics of mine later but it is pretty much all stock. my tactical is the 5 inch and the rail looks like the first picture. to mke it looks like the rail is longer on the second picture rather than the rail being cut on the first
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