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IDPA Compliant Speedloader Holster


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My father just passed down his Smith and Wesson 65-4 to me. I have shot glocks and 1911s exclusively for the past 5 years but I would like to start competing in both IDPA and USPSA with the revolver. He gave me a bunch of HKS speedloaders but no belt case for them. What would be a good model speedloader holster for both IDPA and USPSA. I shoot mainly IDPA but love USPSA as well so I do not want something I can only use in one sport. Thanks!

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In IDPA with my model 66 I use Ted Blocker triple mag pouches. I also have the same style as a single pouch to use as my starter load.


This pouch isn't IDPA legal, because it doesn't cover the full diameter and body of the speedloader. (p37 Section 2 sub section D).

Howdy rule number 4 states "or retain the speedloader with a snap

or Velcro closure"

plus you can turn it upside down and it will still be retained

the clip on the top locks the speedloader in place but you got me thinking, I'll check with my AC

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