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  1. johnmac

    Downside to clipping stock rebound spring?

    Downside of a shortened rebound spring is a choppy trigger pull in my experience. Get the lightened spring of the proper length for superior results.
  2. johnmac

    8-Shooter Options; please help. Please.

    I value the ability to shoot with or without moonclips, so the 627 is the logical choice for me. For 99% of my live fire practice, I don't bother mooning/demooning. I don't know if this would work very well with a 929. I have a 4" 627, and the sight radius is fully adequate for accurate shooting. I find it a very handy and maneuverable size. Of course, you possibly have recoil reduction, and potential for a lighter load making PF with a longer, heavier barrel.
  3. johnmac

    Favorite shoe for shooting

    Having the right gear is critical. Footwear is serious business when running on wet grass with a loaded gun. Ironically salomons are not good on wet grass. very true, discovered how slippery the Salomons were training in the back yard tonight, going from box to box. However, perhaps a non-issue, as I don't recall the last bay I shot in that was not gravel at a match.
  4. johnmac

    As you get better your time perception changes!

    I think our vision is like a movie camera...it can shoot 1 frame/sec (blinking), 10 frames/second, or 100 frames/sec, or maybe even 1,000 frames/sec. Figure out how to tune up the frame rate and you'll do very well.
  5. johnmac

    Coated bullets

    I'm very satisfied with the Bayou Bullet 160 grain loading in .38 Short Colt brass They are a round nose with NO cannelure, and I roll crimp, (pretty heavily) but accuracy is still very good, lack of canelure does not seem to be an issue. The RN are good for fast reloads, and they run very clean.
  6. johnmac

    2016 USPSA Revolver Nationals

    Good time was had shooting with Squad 2. Good to see the young fellow from Iowa on our squad, Craig, tearing it up with the wheelgun, he was probably 1/2 the age of anyone else on the squad. And I won the 9mm XD-M in the random drawing, that's a first!
  7. will "equipment checks" have to be expanded in their scope to go beyond just pistols and magazines?
  8. johnmac

    Good used revolver for IDPA

    I'd also recommend the Model 15, with 4" barrel, for the advantage of adjustable/replaceable rear sight. M-15 may also have a pinned front sight, in which case replacing with a FO front would be pretty easy. I also know there is an abundance of OEM and aftermarket parts available for the Model 15, not to mention competition holsters...not so sure about the Speed Six. Speed Six kind of looks like a sweet carry gun, would it qualify for BUG-R with a 3" barrel?
  9. johnmac

    2016 USPSA Revolver Nationals

    Signed up for Sunday only
  10. in Manhattan for three days...can anyone recommend any local ranges (indoor or outdoor) where I could get some handgun practice in? Thanks, John
  11. I'm in for the Saturday match...what have I gotten myself into, LOL! Saw something about the possibility of camping on site...how feasible is this, and who should I talk to about this beforehand? Thanks, John MacLean
  12. johnmac

    An area 5 shooter's intro

    Welcome, I live in Northern Kentucky and shoot USPSA, IDPA, and the occasional 3-gun and outlaw steel match. Mostly shoot revolver in USPSA and IDPA. Lots of good matches within easy driving distance in this area, between Fairfield Sportsman's Association (Friday Night Steel), MRPC (USPSA, steel), BGSL in Lexington (IDPA, USPSA, 3-gun), and Silver Creek in Sellersburg, IN. I'll probably run into you somewhere.
  13. I love crepes...I love really thin pancakes I got mauled by a cougar...
  14. johnmac

    .38 Short Colt pet loads?

    3.1 grains Bullseye with 160g Bayou RN @1.17" OAL works well for me, makes minor PF from 4" 627
  15. johnmac

    .38 Short Colt pet loads?

    I use the red one (.45ACP), works perfectly.