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Benelli Rear Sight


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Does anyone have experience with or know what XS Express sight the RNT guys use to dovetail into the rib of benelli barrels. I saw Kurt last weekend at the LaRue match and totally forgot to ask. Looks like it may be the express pistol rear sight but there are so many models and I am looking for the specific compact one they use for the job.


If you are around do you guys do the work if we send the barrel to you or do you recommend someone specifically?

Thanks in advance


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BigBets, yes we do them. Get a hold of Trapr, Bigbrowndog on these forums and he can get it done if you send in the barrel.

Dan....well as usual you are right.

Thank you Kurt. You're sharing of knowledge and information is a hard act to follow.

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What advantages does this hold over the 10/22 rear sight cut into a VR?

other than it just about can not get stuck on things ? other than you wont cut your hand on it ?

The big advantage is "it looks cooler" I know that not Redneck to care about looks.

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Looks good and you won't have to worry about it flipping down during a course of fire.

My 10-22 rear never flipped down. Must be the rust in it.

Its the dryed blood

Nope, no blood in it. 40+ years in machine shops make me wary of sharp metal. It's just rain induced rust :closedeyes:

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