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  1. I say screw the action into the stock, and shoot it if it performs your golden if then do your skim bed.
  2. In that price range you should check out sightrons line.
  3. I would look at bell and carlson stocks. Great quality and reasonable price.
  4. I just rebarreled a savage sa action in 7 mm saum. Went with a schillen barrel and hs stock , it was super easy to put together and headspace. There is a great writeup including pictures that walks you through the process at western shooter.com
  5. Really liked The electronic scoring, our squad only had one issue on the first stage it only took a matter of seconds to fix the problem. With all of the stages and the complexity of the ironman I thought the scores came out in record time. Anyhow I thought the match was great, big thanks to Travis and the crew!
  6. I think the Polish plate rack is quicker and easier to set up than the Texas Star just my 2 cents.
  7. Looks good and you won't have to worry about it flipping down during a course of fire.
  8. You mentioned you tweaked your shell catch and it helped. Would you mind elaborating on what you did? I am thinking mine is super stiff. Thanks in advance.
  9. I thought I saw someone say that you could remove weights from a standard buffer and could make it the same weight as the low mass buffer. Any ideas on this? And if it's true how many weights to remove? Anyone willing to weigh their low mass buffer for me. Thanks in advance
  10. While you are out and about check out the bushnel elite 6500. 30 mm tube 50 objective nice and clear and if you look around you can find them for under $700
  11. Great video, good to see the cycle in super slow motion. Thanks for your effort.
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