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gun bag carrier


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I'm looking for some way to carry my gun bag, cooler and possibly a chair during matches. Does anyone have ideas and pictures?

I tried a cart/wagon but it takes up to much room and is not very convenient


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Try a jogging stroller...remove the baby tray and seat...modify as needed. And they fold up to put in your trunk/truck. You can usually find a cheap on on Craiglist...I did for about $15-20.

You can also add 4 wheeler gun cradles so you can use it for 3 gun caddy too.

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I just picked up a folding cart at Costco we are going to try this weekend. Less than 60$ cost and fits nicely in the back of the CRV. I will post some pics after the match on Saturday. I will also see if I can find a link for more details on Costco.com

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Maybe this can help you, It can be used as a Range bag (actually it's the one I use) and a rolling cart as you're able to put stuff on top of it (usually, I carry my secon range bag over it with over stock),

After trying and using many bags, I found this one in my local Home depot, it's a tool bag, but was very usefull as a range bag!:




Many pockets and space, and have wheels when he's on heavy side with lot of ammo.

And not too much candy money for it ... so enough bullet money!


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