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g22 180gr berry's minor


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I used to shoot g17 in production but the wife wants to play so she is getting that one and I got a good deal on a g22 rtf2. I have a bunch of berry's plated 180gr bullets I got cheap at a gun show and a couple thousand 40 s&w cases. I am looking for a load that will make ~130pf since I don't need more for production. I have read about the concerns for the unsupported chamber and reloading and this is another reason I want to stick with ~130pf. Several people have said that fast powders are bad in stock barrels.

Berry's says to load to 1.125 COL.

What powder do you recommend I use to make ~130 PF and run at low pressure for the unsupported chamber?

IMR SR4756? Longshot? They are both really slow but I'm not sure that works with minor loads.

Thank you for your advice.

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I think the unsupported chamber issue concerns major loads more than minor loads. You need approx 720 fps with 180s for 130PF. Get some Clays and try that for minor. Somewhere around 3.0gr for your barrel should be good, but you need to do your own testing. Lots of people have had good results with it. Some have also had good luck with light charges of Titegroup.

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Your G22 rtf2 probably has the newest supported chamber. Pull the barrel and drop a cartridge in it.

Does the feed ramp show an 1/8" of case wall or does it go to the extractor groove?

The newer Glock .40's all have fully supported chambers.

This is not my photo so I must give credit to someone but don't remember where I found it....

The barrel on the left is an early Glock barrel. The one in the middle is the latest .40 cal Glock barrel and the barrel on the

right is aftermarket.

Take care,



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I loaded 10 each with 1f federal brass, federal small pistol primers, 180gr berry's plated bullets, 3.4gr, 3.5gr, 3.6gr and 3.7gr of N320. Loaded to 1.130" COL. They work fine in the glock mags that way.

Going to chrono tomorrow. Will post results.

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For minor with 40 using Montana Gold 180gr CMJ I've had great results using both Titegroup and N320. I've heard great things about Clays as well but with the performance I already have and the amount of powder on hand, haven't bothered to pick up any Clays.

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3.4 didn't eject at all. 3.5 stove piped. 3.6 cycled ~650 fps. 3.7 ~680 and the brass trickled just barely past my hands. Will load up 3.8 and 3.9 and see how that goes.


My minor load is 3.7gr out of a Glock 35. Needs a 13# spring to run though.

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