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  1. I use a bearing AND cut the spring. Works perfectly in multiple calibers now and don't have to worry about a mess. Some people suggest not using the bottom washer under the bearing, I tried it with and without, didn't feel a difference so I just left it on. Check out the posts others suggested and you'll see tons of opinions.
  2. I too load W231 under 124/125gr bullets at ~4.2-4.3gr. oal of 1.135". No problems at all. Hell, my 115gr that I used to load before switching to heavier bullets I loaded to 4.5-4.6gr. You should definitely be hitting 130PF with 4.5 under it.
  3. Absolutely love my Brian Enos HP scale. Lifetime warranty and a breeze to use.
  4. Glock says it's a no no... But tell that to most of the users on this forum, lol. We all do it, some with stock barrels, some aftermarket. They shoot perfectly but with all reloading, there's always a risk.
  5. Definitely bidding for the cause. Otherwise, I can't see anyone spending that just to buy a machine with a different color. Hell if someone wanted a different color they could just paint or recoat a new red one for half the price.
  6. This is interesting. I normally don't lube my pistol cases at all. I have a bunch of 91% Alcohol. Perhaps I'll have to see if I can locate lanolin oil. Any suggestions on brand or where to find it? A quick search online yielded a ton of results. What are you guys using?
  7. I've had absolutely excellent results using N320 under 124gr Speer GDHPs. My backup to that has been W231. I have a bunch of Titegroup but have had no need to even try it under the gold dots with my other 2 main powders.
  8. They do have great prices and I've been hearing great things about them around the net. I'm in the market for a bit more 40 brass so I may have to check it out finally. My only question. Are their listed prices the shipped price or do they add on the flat rate after the advertised price?
  9. Congrats on finally being able to shoot your own rounds. It's a great feeling! Smart move using the chrono off the bat. It makes things SO much easier in the long run.
  10. Winchester small pistol primers are my favorite. 2nd would be CCI. The winchester are easy to find online and in stores, aren't insanely over priced, and don't feel too hard.
  11. My 650 was my 4th press. The ones before it I personally feel were my learning phase. Worked my way up to the price and speed. Looking back, I probably should have just done it right and bought the 650 as my second press... Heck maybe even first. Considering my third was a Lee Loadmaster, I think it was more convenience and consistancy moving to the Dillon.
  12. Mike_P

    Aftermartket barrel

    On my 17 I swapped out the stock 17lb spring for a 13lb ISMI and have nothing but great things to say about it. Performance is much better and the gun is a pleasure to operate with any type of round. Those stock springs on the 9mm's are a little bit overdone imo.
  13. Like others have posted, the barrels work well but are VERY tight! I ended up selling them in favor of KKM. I believe LW does offer to open up the chambers some if you supply dummy rounds for them (Along with a charge) and then you won't have an issue. But otherwise just be careful.
  14. Thanks Youngeyes! Definitely seen everything I needed to on there. Must pick one of these up! Loaded up 10 tubes this morning by hand and even though it's not horribly time consuming... It's just unnecessary with how easy this tool would make it.
  15. As I stated in the other post. I'm in if anyone happens to buy multiple and have an extra or needs a body!
  16. That's awesome. Definitely wish I could come up with something like that!
  17. My Titegroup minor load for 40S&W is 180gr Montana Gold CMJ over 3.5gr of Titegroup, loaded to 1.135". Dead accurate load and feels like I'm shooting 9mm. I really enjoy it.
  18. Back when I was literally hand loading them, yeah sure. Running them through my 650? Not a chance. Tumble a few hours depending on the appearance I'm looking for, then throw them in the clean box and straight to the case feeder.
  19. When I began reloading I tried to stick to one type of primer. CCI500 in the case of 9mm/40. However I eventually moved to accepting different brands. Winchester is without a doubt my favorite though and my go to primer.
  20. For minor with 40 using Montana Gold 180gr CMJ I've had great results using both Titegroup and N320. I've heard great things about Clays as well but with the performance I already have and the amount of powder on hand, haven't bothered to pick up any Clays.
  21. Mmo, My apologies for the late reply. I believe 17lb is the factory weight on full size 9mm Glocks. Slide glide is great stuff. Easy to clean and apply, and smooths out slide travel quite a bit.
  22. Definitely less smoke. I use it in both 9 and 40 and compared to say... W231 or Titegroup, the amount of smoke is drastically less.
  23. I'll second this. I drifted one of my 19's rear sights but haven't drifted any of my other guns. I find with that gun I'm not compensating as I haven't returned it to the center. Once you get more comfortable with the glock trigger you'll have no problems with the sights.
  24. Titegroup here as well for 40 minor/major, as well as W231 and N320. Had absolutely no problems with any of the powders and have great results with TG/231 bulk loading them for practice shooting. Their price is such that I'll continue to use them as well. Some people complain they are a tad dirty, but depending on your cleaning practices you won't even notice.
  25. When I load from my brass that's mixed lots of once fired, you can always tell the ones fired from unsupported/older glock chambers. (If you do a search, you'll see there are a few itterations of glock barrels. Some more recent offer more support.) I run them through my Dillon dies on the 650 with no problems and they work perfectly after loading them in a number of guns. Just keep an eye on them and if you start seeing issues then adjust your method or take the cases out of your rotation.
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