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what front sight for a 35


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I like the fiber optic especially now that I've learned to use it properly. It is easy to black it out though if you like switching back and forth to get the "trick of the day" effect. I will take a piece of fiber rod and insert it, heat the end and pull the melted tip into the recess of the sight (the side that faces you when aiming) and let it cool. Then I take it out and spray paint it with flat black and finish the installation. It looks like the black iron sight was made that way and adds another texture besides serrations to show up nice and crisp when you have a good front sight focus.

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I like a middle ground with a brass bead from 10-8.

Never breaks, is maybe a touch slower than fiber optic but is also easier to ignore for those shots that require equal light, equal height focus.

Only bummer for competition is that it's a bit thick at .125" on my G17, but on a long slide it won't be so bad. Although I haven't done the exact math to know how much better it may be....

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I've been running the Warren Tactical Sevigny Competition sights on my G34/G35 and am really happy with them. I have the F/O Sevigny/Black rear on my G17 and find that I can acquire the closer targets (8 to 14 yard range) faster, but tend to take a little longer trying to find the tip of the blade on the 15+yard targets. I'd go with the black/black sight just because I tend to getter better hits on targets, plus don't have to carry extra f/o rods in case it should break, which it will, probably at a major match, hard lesson learned, lol.


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