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  1. I shot GA State yesterday and this load did well over the chrono coming in with a 169.9 PF out of a CK Arms 5.4" 2011 (I believe it is a KKM barrel). mixed headstamp range brass CCI primer BBI 180gr coated bullet 4.6gr of N320 Average of 3 fired shots was 944fps which comes to 169.9 PF. This was a boxed chrono.
  2. Any experience or thoughts on the Burris red dot sights for Tac Irons? I hear it is fairly new and I know Burris usually makes decent stuff. I do not have the cash to drop on an Eotech or Aimpoint due to an upcoming wedding and a new limited gun for USPSA. Most of my shots for local matches will be under 100yds.
  3. To the one handed question there are two ways to make the one-handed engagement happen per the rules: 1. Create a situation like holding a rope, bucket or another prop in one hand for the course of the stage or at a particular point in the stage "Briefcase must be carried in the weak hand at or below waist level during the course of fire while engaging targets" 2. It is allowable to specify strong or weak hand only on a medium course of fire (20 shots or less) for the final 6 shots. The challenge is making the last 6 (5 in the case of the star) without restricting freestyle engagement of the stage. At GA state they did this on one stage with 6 poppers and placed them behind a barrier, furthest targets from the start line and with some distance between the poppers and any other targets. It did not specify that the poppers had to be the last targets engaged, just made it to be the least time costly but shooters still had a choice. I would say practice at 15-20 yards but it will depend on matches in your area or matches you plan to shoot. Minimum distance is 23' to steel but there has to be a movement barrier, 26' minimum with just a fault line.
  4. KKM Barrel 1.140 OAL any brass but Winchester 180 Bayou 4.45gr N320 SP or SPM primer Multiple match chronos - 172pf
  5. What do you do if a shooter's family member(non shooting) is downrange during scoring when the shooter has not designated that person as their delegate prior to the course of fire?
  6. I have had to DQ someone who never even got to fire a shot. The shooter's gun dropped out of their holster after the buzzer went off on their first stage. It happens. At least the OP got to shoot some of the match. I have DQ'd on the first stage of a shotgun match after I slipped in the mud when I was trying to stand up to clear my gun. If you want to take a break take a break. I have had to cut back on my own shooting and except for the match I run GA State is the first big outdoor match I have shot in over 6 months. All you can do is learn from the DQ and not make the same mistake again.
  7. See everyone at the range. I cannot help with setup this year but I am shooting Thursday and working Friday and Saturday. The match is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Don't forget to bring your rain gear as it looks like a good chance of rain Thurs and Fri.
  8. DK is my choice. Easy to adjust and easy to install.
  9. I am going to toss an oar in here because Phil just posted something on the FaceBook Area 6 page that I felt was dismissive, belittling and a move to ignore the larger issue being discussed here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/31472669314/ In the comments instead of Phil providing an answer to the question of transparency and reporting on what is going on he picked out one issue and his response was not professional or informative. As a MD who is trying very hard to keep a small club running I am getting very frustrated with decisions made essentially in secret with little to no capability for member comment until after the fact. If Phil and the area directors are serious about being transparent and establishing a real pattern for growth: 1) A minimum of 15 days before a scheduled BoD meeting post an agenda including all items to be voted on and at least a few sentences of explanation about each 2) Post FULL meeting minutes including topics discussed, informative summary of the discussion and full records 3) Record and make public a digital copy of the BoD teleconferences. Every teleconference package I am aware of now has the capability to record and post a digital recording 4) Stop treating the membership like mushrooms or serfs If there is nothing to hide then why are some of the BoD members so reluctant to have sessions recorded either in full or at least with better notes? Why is the BoD so reluctant to post an agenda and give time for member comment on issues and decisions? It is time for something to change!
  10. There is also North Atlanta Action Shooters. Indoor match at Bullseye in Cumming every Sunday night 6-9pm. GPSL is at Ranges, Guns and Safes in Norcross every Tuesday night 6-9pm.
  11. Same weekend as the Master's golf tourney so the patrol folks were out in that part of the state. Just bad luck.
  12. So I ran a stage at Area 6 on Friday. The vast majority of shooters worked their butts off to help reset an all steel stage, it was thrown out do to equipment breakage sadly. I still had some shooters, some of them were match sponsors, who thought they were too important to help reset. I now have a few companies I will not give my business to due to this. I had a couple just looked at me when I asked them to at least help paint steel. I can understand if someone has a disability or other reason but when a young person who is in good shape just refuses it makes me wonder about them and their overall sportsmanship. Especially on a day where that is mainly for match staff to shoot everyone needs to help due to limited staff resources. Nobody is too special or important to help out in some way. Come on, a can of spray paint is not that heavy.
  13. I ran an all steel stage at Area 6, well before it got thrown out due to equipment breakage, and I was really impressed with all the shooters who worked their butts off to help reset it. I ran several pro shooters through that stage, and another stage after 4 went down, and all the pros were some of the first downrange to help reset. One even was dragging other squad members out to help. Another went to reset the poppers he just shot as soon as he checked his paper targets. The vast majority of shooters were very helpful and it made the lives of the RO crew much easier. A big thank you to all those who helped!
  14. I made a deal with my mail carrier to just leave any heavy boxes by the mailbox (I live on a pretty steep hill) and have had zero problems here. Several deliveries of brass and bullets (hopefully another soon if Donnie can get caught up) no issues. I think the OP is having a problem with a local office. I wonder if it is one of the ones slated to be closed down?
  15. Rustoleum flat or matte! I wish the big matches would buy better paint. Rustoleum gives better coverage with less spray time, holds up better and dries faster. The cans are larger too.
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