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  1. I'm decently computer savy but I haven't been able to find out how to change the ADW wallpaper either...
  2. I'm for every shot counts the same. Adding Hit Factors doesn't do it. If you want to normalize HF to stage round count divided by match round count I'd be cool with that. As far as the reshuffling with new HHF? It doesn't matter to me. If you get tied up in that while you are shooting the match you've already taken yourself out of where you need to be too win.
  3. I don't see how a brass bead could be any worse than a FO for accuracy shooting. Simply disregard the insert and start doing equal height equal light.
  4. I get the gripe about pasting... but I think frankge just wants us off his lawn...
  5. I went to the Gen4 for all the reasons you mentioned. I belive the Vickers mag release in USPSA production is of questionable legality since it's not an OEM part... I did buy the OEM extended mag release for my Gen4. One factor to think about is the change in trigger feel from Gen3 to Gen4. Gen3's are nicer pretty much no matter what you do. But on that account I'm an "indian not the arrow" kind of guy. I just need a gun that fits. If you have the cash I'd give it a try. If you don't, don't.
  6. Maybe they aren't as awesome as a fiber optic rod, but then again I'm sure there are some master shooters who simpley use flat black irons. Sights are a pretty subjective thing, so if you can rock and roll with them, do it.
  7. I've been runing the 10-8 brass bead front with the U notch rear for about two years now. I dig the pseudo ghost ring you can run at 10 yards and in on open targets. I think it's a great carry option, but if your eyes are aging and need help it won't be as good as fiber. What I really like is that it's an unchanging sight. I used to run fibers and they would break/discolor.
  8. It's like a Glock, I had to tap mine out the first time and they loosen up a bit. Tap from the left to push them out the right side just like a Glock.
  9. Sorry for the hijack but this thread seemed the most related. I did pretty much everything here. http://www.tinymicros.com/wiki/NOOK_Simple_Touch_%28NST%29_Rooting_For_Practiscore So I have ADW launcher but I can't change the desktop to a home made one I made for our club. It used to be the Nook 'N' out of desperation I changed it to the ADW splash which was the only option the wallpaper picker gave me. Now it seems I'm stuck with that (unless I use backup and restore... I hope) Any one have any insight on where to put wallpapers, not screensavers?
  10. I really hope you are using OAuth [1] for FB, Twitter and Instagram. Shouldn't be too hard to make USPSA to be an OAuth host too. [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OAuth I'm assuming Google account will work too? I know Google was doing something with OAuth but I'm no web developer so... can anyone clue me in?
  11. Anyone else tried ShootOFF? They are adding support for drawing your own target, have a shot timer It's a bit finicky with the SIRT because the shot time is only regulated by the shooter so some times it picks up two shots.
  12. Sorry for the thread necromancy. I too just bought the sirt, and it was working find till I adjusted the trigger break force and now it appears that the battery contact that contacts in front of the trigger has been bent. I bent it back but it keeps getting currled up for lack of a better description (maybe I can add pictures later). Which end of the battery contact did you have issue with? Sounds like the battery side or trigger side?
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