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Mag Pouch for XDm 9mm


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I think I am going to pull the trigger (for lack of a better term) and get myself an XDm 5.25 in 9mm. Can anyone recommend a mag pouch that can use either or both Tec Lock or the Safariland ELS kit? I am currently using a CR Speed belt with Blade-Tech holster and pouch with Tek Lock and like the Tek Lock, but will probably switch to the ELS in another year or so when funds dictate as its easier to switch out components between stages.

I've looked at the CR Speed and Double Alpha pouches. Both look good and are roughly the same price, but I am not sure if either is compatible with Tek Lock or ELS.

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I am shooting a 5.25 and did a modification with CR Speed Versa pouches and some Tec Lock clips. Got the double set but did not like the loop on it - too rigid, too big and not someting that would work well with 6 pouches. Took off the loop and looked at how to merge bracket that has pouches to Teck Loc. One hole matched up but the other didn't. So pull out the drill, drill, match it up and we are connected. Only other thing was a couple nuts and bolts and some washers for the spacers. Works very well now through four matches.

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I have a guy who I use who makes pouches for $10. Let me know I'll take pics

sorry to hijack, but i'd be interested in those pics. not so much for the fit and finish, but specifically for the distance from inside of mag to outside of outer belt. i'm a big boy, and the mag pouches that came with the xdm make the mags rub on my spare parts. (i currently don't use a shooting inner/outer belt, and reckon that alone would help.

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