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Load data for Titegroup


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didn't know that, I've got some buyers remorse with this glock, thinking about upgrading to a STI.

I am a Glock guy myself and I will say that, if you get the chance to move to an STI, you will not be disappointed.

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checked hogdon site, they only have data for hp's, is there any difference in loading fmj versus hp?

There is some but it's not huge. Nonetheless the published velocities will be different than the ones you see in your pistol for different reasons: 1) Your G22 has a longer barrel than the typical 4" used in the published data, 2) Glock barrels are polygonal and, 3) the barrel of your 22 is compensated.

Your best bet is to get yourself a chronograph and run your reloads through it.

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180 Precision Delta fmj fp... 1.180 oal, 5.0 TG Fed small pistol... out of an STI Edge 5 inch... runs good for me...

I like the KKM for a Glock to get the support your looking for...I little more money but worth it...great to work with...

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Berry Plated 165gr. HBRN, 5.0 gr. TG, OAL 1.134, avg. 1085 FPS, avg. 168.21 PF

Berry Plated 165gr. HBRN, 5.1 gr. TG, OAL 1.134, avg. 1098 FPS, avg. 170.22 PF This is my load for SS/L-10

Berry Plated 165gr. HBRN, 5.7 gr. TG, OAL 1.134, avg. 1173 FPS, avg. 182.00 PF

Custom 1911 with a match 5" non-ramped bushing KKM barrel.

There is a little more muzzle flip with the 165gr., but it is more accurate than the 180gr. IMHO, with the round nose less chance of feed problems vs. the flat point as long as you have the correct OAL for your barrel & mags. Although I have no problems with the 180gr. flat point or conical in my gun at the same OAL.

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