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Ok I'm slightly confused. I'm getting my stuff ready for my 2012 season and getting all my springs and such checked out. I have what looks like 4 Henning Mags for a large from Stock II in .40. The confusion comes with the fact of I can not load longer that 1.150 OAL :( I like long 40 and the barrel chamber will deff take it. I can only get like 10 rounds in my mags with 1.185-1.180 then it stops. Any ideas? Henning any advice?

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We used to all load long 40 and had to.. the previous style mags where we mostly used 10mm tubes to get 21 rnd mags, we'd load them anywhere from 1.175 - 1.225. They were great, but not sorry free. All shells had to be perfectly sized. If not, they would nose-dive and not stack right. Push thru dies was a key tool of the trade.


Around spring of 2011, Tanfoglio commissioned Mec-Gar to re-design their magazines and in August the new tubes became the new kid on the block. Mec-Gar re-designed the mags to work with factory 40; hence the 1.115 - 1.135 OAL. Can't say that I'm 100% thrilled, but they work. And they're better than any previous magazines they've had. Disadvantages... well.. you have to come up with a new load.

My buddy James switched to slower powders like N-320 style powders and lighter bullets (165). He likes it and many with him. You get the same 21 round capacity, just have to load short or shoot factory.

Massimo (factory owner) told me, yes it's possible to take out the rear spacer. But you'll need to clean out the rivet/welds which might be a challenge.

What can I say.. wish I could make mag tubes. But also have to say that Mec-Gar has done a fine job. All the new mags; 9, 40, 10, 38, 45 are fantastic. All work better than any magazine Tanfoglio ever had. So a few thumbs up to Mec-Gar and their efforts.

Little known fact... Mec-Gar got started by a request from Tanfoglio to make them magazines. We're talking 1960's I believe. Massimo told me the story about his dad getting Mec-Gar to start making them mags way back when... Well.. Mec-Gar is now a world class magazine manufacturer... thanks to Tanfoglio. My hats off to both.



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Titegroup works too, feels about like N320 to me but dirtier. I use it for practice loads. 4.4gr of titegroup with a 180 plated at 1.135 is a favorite load that works great in all factory pistols I've tried. It's a bit hot to ensure major out of short barrels, you could probably make major with 4.2gr.

I may have to order some of the new mags to try with that load.

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Ok so my mags are marked 40SW so I took it apart this am and measured again and two dummy rounds to 1.185" and they have plenty of room to fit and stack. So I loaded up 20 total dummy rounds and took my Magula and after watching Henning have to smack his mag down on the table and on his hand to keep everything in line and after some hard pushing w/ a few small dented cases the mags will take 19 rounds and be reloadable. So is this normal?? :unsure:

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Still what I don't get is the internal demension and the follower all measure to be long enough for long loaded ammo.

The diagonal length of the bullet is longer than the measured OAL due to the square base (and if its a flat nose then that adds some too), so when it goes into the mag and angles up it will take up a longer space than the measured OAL.

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