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  1. HenningShop Worldwide Distributors
  2. HenningShop Worldwide Distributors
  3. We now have a new official distributor in Holland : www.3gun.nl Handelsonderneming Beijer Utrechtseweg 254 3818 EV Amersfoort The Netherlands Ph. 0031 622466530 email. info@3gun.nl Patrick Beijer is a great guy and is also carrying Cylinder & Slide 1911 products. Give him a call if you want Henning Competition or Cylinder & Slide products ! ;-) Henning
  4. We also have companies in Holland and Switzerland that can receive our parts. If you are trying to get hold of our products and are having any problems with it. Please contact Henning. Email through our website: www.henningshootsguns.com ;-)
  5. Hey. For all of you in fans of our Tanfoglio custom parts living in Europe; F&K Sport in Stockholm, Sweden carries all of our products and is our general distributor for Europe. Torkel Persson is a GREAT guy who is also the Tanfoglio importer of Sweden so he knows our products. Give him a call or send him an email. Website: http://www.dae.se/ Email: Torkel @ fksport . se Phone : +46 8 99 00 67 F&K Sport Fogdevägen 116 128 41 BAGARMOSSEN SWEDEN We also have a distributor in Germany; Bawo Custom by Uwe Wolff who many of you know as a custom gunsmith for Tanfoglio. He is also an importer of Tanfoglio for Germany. He is located outside Hamburg, Germany: Webiste : http://www.bawo-custom-guns.de Email : Bawocustomguns @ t-online . de Phone : +49 (0) 51 41 / 34 95 42 BAWO Custom Guns Krähenbergweg 53 29229 Celle GERMANY And of course, we have representation in my homeland of Norway. Espen and Olav of Pedersens Vaabenlager are great guys who know our guns well. Olav is a proficient gunsmith who works on everything. They both compete in IPSC. Website : http://www.pvas.no Email : Espen @ pvas . no Phone : +47 38 02 53 68 Pedersens Vaabenlager Dronningensgate 57 4610 Kristiansand NORWAY Henning Shop is also a general exporter so we export firearms, parts for about 50 other US Manufacturers. If you have other vendors products you are looking for, but cannot get hold of, contact any of these distributors above and they will in turn contact us and we will see if it's possible to get you the products you want. Our distribution network is constantly growing so if you live in a country we do not have representation, please contact us. Or have a company that you deal with, contact us. We are working on export permits and distribution for France, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Italy. I have spent a lot of time in Europe and visiting with several other companies that are interested in getting products exported from us. it is a process to get the permits. As you can see from the companies above, once we have worked it out, we are able to get a steady stream of US products to you. We are working on a few new websites so there will be a lot more information coming out over the next months. We also build competition AR-15 rifles and I will be competing and a sponsor at the 2012 European Rifle Championships in Bulgaria this summer. For those of you going there, please come see me ! I will also be at the IWA trade show in Nuremberg March 9 - 12. For anyone going to the show wanting to visit with me, please email me ;-) Henning
  6. As of December 2011 we started exporting to Paul Britton of PBA Imports in Sydney. For all your needs of Henning Competition parts for Tanfoglio, please shop directly at their webshop : Tanfoglio Parts Shop in Australia Paul's a great guy and he stocks our complete line of products. Call him if you like. Phone : 02 99390691 Email : Sales at PBA Imports
  7. Hi Henning,

    Would love to get back to shooting my limited with reliable mags. When do you think you will have the K40's avalable?? Will they use the H141 pads I already have?? Thanks again for your help!!!


  8. An update on the progress... we have a prototype on the new competition rear sight for the Limited in the works. Next week I'll be giving a sight to Cha-Lee and James to test-fire to their heart's content. There's a few minor improvements I already want to make, but expect to have the new sights ready in the month of October. And once they are through our process we'll rock'n roll on a similar design for the Match model. So there ya go. btw. I'm in Europe until the end of August and available by email for those who have any questions. Otherwise please contact Lori at 303.834.8289 for any questions on orders. For technical questions please call 720.352.1080 and Brad will be happy to talk with you. A new mag release is also in the works as well with a few other things.. ;-) ;-) Henning
  9. I'm working with Grams to get 45 followers made up. Personally I don't use the slide lock just because it's something that will typically need to be tuned on each gun for 100% reliability. If you draw reference to the 1911 world you'll see that almost all top competitors have their slide lock disengaged. I just came back from the Single Stack Nationals shooting a Springfield 40 S&W that Canyon Creek built for me. Without me even saying anything about it, Rich built the gun with the slide function disengaged. He knows as does most shooters.. that they are not reliable. The problem you are seeing on the 45 is because of a poorly designed 45 follower. They pop through and I'm not in any way impressed by how little effort Tanfoglio put into designing their 45 followers. I've put in 40 followers in the 45 mags which doesn't come through as bad. I don't own a Tanfo 45 any more so I don't know how they would work for slide lock. If you can live without the slide lock... if that is an option... put my TiteFit slidepin in your gun. It's a much tougher steel which can handle a punch. Factory slidestops don't typically break, but they can bend which isn't a good thing either. I don't know what kind of steel the factory uses, but they sure haven't found the trick. EGW uses a 4140 steel I believe and harden it. I have and others with me have broke those. It's a very common metal to use in 1911 slide stops as well. When I made mine, I consulted GunCrafter Industries which are two Danish friends of mine. They built the .50GI on the 1911 single stack platform. Their message was clear; S7 tool steel, hardened to 45. So that's what I went with and so far my slidepin has been a tough little thing. It's also 0.003" thicker which makes it sit tighter in the frame and puts the barrel in a tighter lock as well. IF you have a loosly fitted barrel, this pin will help mend that and improve accuracy. Off topic, but on new stuff in the works is a hardened sear pin which does a similar thing for the sear. It creates a more consistent trigger pull and doesn't wear like the factory one. Torx grip screws coming soon as well as the newest extra long, ultra light firing pin for large frame. All top notch stuff. Stay tuned.
  10. hard and flat "a" as we say "a" in Norwegian... ha ha silent G my stab at it and just to mess ya up even more (ha ha)... taan-fooh-leo
  11. Maybe just a Sunday morning sarcastic feeling, but yeah... not much "super" about the supersight..
  12. Josh. Thanks for the input. I will look at a sleeve type solution using a set scrwe along with various forms of screw-on pads. I think both a delrin and aluminum pads / sleeves can be viable options. I will discuss it with my designer and then figure out with my machinist what will be the best way to manufacture it. These pads will be pretty small and they need to be reasonably quick to machine. It may also be that this will be a step-by-step project where I come out with a short trigger to start and continue to develop from this platform into a fully adjustable length system. Please bring me as many ideas as possible, I really do appreciate them and all inputs here are thrown into the brewing kettle.. We want to come up with something that'll satisfy all our different needs.
  13. That's a great idea Jason. I do want to make the width of the trigger quite a bit smaller than the width of the trigger guard. Reason for this is to make the trigger super-safe. For those who know... I have good reasons for super-safing it, ha ha.
  14. I've thought about a D/A trigger that would actually feel good. Rob, can you check what the production rules are and if you're even allowed to switch the trigger out? Either way, it may have to be designed as a separate trigger because of a much larger movement.
  15. I agree. I will continue with the "shoe" idea and make the trigger as short as possible and add "shoes" or "pads" onto it. I will talk with the CAD designer early next week to see what he has for ideas. What do you guys think; would two attachment screws work? That way the shortest trigger is just the trigger itself, but with two tapped holes that various shapes and lengths can be screwed onto. Or other ideas for attaching it? I'm thinking of keeping it as simple as possible (machining)
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