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  1. Every now and then I get calls on factory extractors. If you're having cases left in the chamber or extraction port, adjust the "knob" on the extractor. I wrote an article many years ago on my old website. It's now no longer active, but you can still find them on web archives: https://web.archive.org/web/20160404153932/http://henningshootsguns.com/tech/tech.tanfoglio.extractor.html
  2. An other example of products we make. This is our Glock 43 +2 magazine and grip extension. Follows the contour of the G43 grip and still compact, guys can carry 8+1 in the G43.Available in black, blood red, blue,slate gray, silver and flat dark earth.
  3. An example of something totally different that we also do. Our line-up of Glock basepads. Blue on the left is our USPSA Production / EDC base plate with serrated bottom and "no lip" design that we do on all our production plates. Also features 7 dots to number your mags. In the middle is our EDC +2 mag extension for Glock 19/23/26/27. On the right is our Blueline +3 Glock 19/23/26/27 designed in partnership with SWAT/LE. For the sub-compact 26/27, this allows for a full, closed grip. For the compact 19/23, it gives the support-hand a ledge to wedge between the pad and the trigger guard. SImilar to what I do on my Limited/Open guns for recoil management. Also has our patent pending indexing feature for officers/ccw to directly feel and know the magazine is pointing the correct way in high stress situations.
  4. An example of more of the typical upgrades we do for the Tanfoglios. This is a customer's Limited Pro 9mm shown with red checkered grips, competition magwell, fiber optic front sight, short flat trigger, prepped and tuned EGW hammer & Sear, XL firing pin, conefit guiderod, 13lb hammer spring, #18 trigger plunger spring, 8lb recoil spring. I'm working on our next generation fixed target rear sight for the Limited Pro, Limited, Hunter, Stock II and Stock III. The factory LPA "supersight" seen in the picture, tends to break on the pivot pin or the blade (broken quite a few myself) so I've just designed a bulletproof fixed sight that's going into production. Will be released in a few months.
  5. Here's a less usual Tanfoglio among the competition crowd. The Tanfoglio Steel. Upgraded with light, our checkered contour grip, Battlehook rear sight to adjust point of impact, XL firing pin, conefit guiderod. This is my 10mm. Grip narrowed to 1.200" with our checkered grips.
  6. It's that time of year again. On popular request, we're doing our annual Thanksgiving Weeekend sale. Use coupon code THANKS20 upon checkout on all Tanfoglio, Glock, Springfield XD, Sig Sauer P320, H&K VP/P30, CZ-75 and AR-15 parts. Competition parts, Carry/Tactical basepads, Every Day Carry magazine grip extensions and Battlehook defensive pistol sights. henningshop.com
  7. Just made these: a 90 degree scope mount for the C-more with integrated thumb rest. Making them one-piece makes it possibly the strongest scope mount of it's kind on the market. I use the thumb rest and my magwell to "wedge" my support hand on 3 points on the gun: a) my middle finger squeezes up against the trigger guard my pinky puts pressure onto the magwell c) my thumb pushes on the thumb-rest The combination of these three creates a very strong left hand recoil-management. I have checkered the bottom of my trigger guard and I use grip-tape on the magwell so that my left hand has a lot of friction on these points of the gun, and creates a "wedge". When combined with the thumb rest it's a major improvement to the feel I'm getting. Pictures are online in the shop: http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-gold-teamgold-custom-scope-mount-for-c-more
  8. We sell quite a few of the extra power Wolff spring and it's an OK option. It'll create a much heavier spring tension onto the case, but the extractor won't go in any further. What I like about tuning the extractor is that it's a softer grab on the case/rim with the lighter factory spring. I'll still be tuning the extractors on my own guns.
  9. Hey guys, Use "Happy20" on www.henningshop.com for 20% discount on all goods. Goes through Cyber Monday. New hot items are of course our checkered grips, but also I just finished our new competition magwell (no pictures yet). It's a newer, nicer design than what's on the webshop. The magwells are out for finishing so I'll post pictures as soon as they're finished. I'll have black and silver plus we can do some custom colors. I'll do red as well to match our new Blood Red checkered grips. ;-) Henning
  10. An option is to drill out the hole of the flat trigger to use the factory roll pin. If so, bore out the hole to about .102-.103 until you get enough play in the trigger to accommodate the roll pin. The pins weakness is where the nut holds it. I've debated if I'm going to make the next trigger utilize the roll pin instead of a pin/nut. For one that will be a lot easier and no worries on pin breaking. I've experienced the roll pins coming out, but if that happens you replace the roll pin with a new one. And always use a starter punch (nipple punch) to protect the roll pin when dis/assemble. That will be my suggestion, bore it out and use the roll pin instead. I'm about to set the machine up to run more batches of the flat triggers so maybe we'll just do away with the pin/nut and utilize the factory roll pin instead. Another issue I've seen on using the nut is that the trigger pin hole on some of the guns are off-center, making it difficult to install the nut / filing. What's your thoughts on this ?
  11. Just finished them: 3.0" conefit guide rod for the compact models: http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-conefit-guide-rod-h081
  12. Use code "MURICA" until July 10th for 15% discount on any orders over $75. Happy 4th ! Also check out the new Battlehook sights for Witness Steel & Polymer models.
  13. Just put together the ultimate upgrade kit for the EAA Witness Steel models: http://henningshop.com/products/eaa-witness-tanfoglio-steel-model-ultimate-upgrade-kit I'm working on updating the Match, Limited, Stock 2 etc kits as well. Some are up already so look under "upgrade kits" and you'll see the options. When you're buying these ultimate kits you'll save 20% off buying the parts individually.
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