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STI eagle 5.0 holster suggestions


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I've googled this off and on for months and have yet to really find anything. I'm looking for a LEATHER owb holster - snap or scabbard style. My eagle will fit in a 1911 holster if I cram it in there, but good luck getting it out. Mainly due to the wider dust cover and square trigger guard I assume.

does anyone have any suggestions as to a holster maker, custom or not, that has a mold for an sti eagle? Ive also wondered if it will fit in a holster designed for a duty one with a front rail (due to the width of the rail being similar to the width of the eagle's dust cover.

Milt sparks and TT gun leather both replied that they do not make them, tho I would LOVE to own one by either maker. So I'm looking to see if you folks have any suggested holsters to look at.

No kydex please.

Mods, if this should be in another sub forum, feel free to move it.

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