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I am not some self righteous individual. I have made numerous errors in judgement, been petty and judgemental.

I try to be a good person and not think ill of others especially when wrong (in my opinion or others).

I try to understand my faults and diminish their occurrence. I want to be a better person

But I have experienced some of the most dis-honorable people lately who have worked with my wife. I truly do not understand why people are this way.

I hate the most, the people who are dis-honorable.

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I'm afraid our current permissive, all about me, no real right or wrong...only "choices", high self esteem, low responsibility, trot out the excuses society has created an entire generation made largely of young people with no clue what honor, integrity and character mean. Granted, there are older folks without honor too but our young people are in a heck of a mess right now.

It's a real shame and harbinger of bad things to come.

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"...harbinger of bad things to come."

The "bad things" came a long time ago and are, in fact, the bad things we're seeing NOW.

It may even be why our Congress is dysfunctional, eh? <_<

agreed...it's been a long time since our elected representatives showed honor and did what was best for we, the people, instead of whatever they pleased in spite of us...and yet, we (as a society) keep electing them.

We need a resurrection of moral character, honor and integrity in this country. As a society we have lost our way. If we don't find our way again very soon we will go the way of Egypt, Rome, France, England and all the other societies which had their day in the sun only to collapse under their own weight of corruption and decadence.

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