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Thinking of building an open gun


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I'm thinkig of building my own open gun. I've built a single stack and 2011 limited gun so I figure I can do. The only thing, I'm really unsure of is comp installion. I haven't been able to come up with any information yet. If anybody's has a how to link, pictures, etc that would sure help. My other option is a STI short block. That limits the choice of barrel and comp.


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Brazos actually takes the Trubore barrel and cuts on the comp to make it better. I think it's called a Thundercomp when they are done. Anyways, I bought the barrel/comp from them then had Gan's do the work. I just don't have your patience.

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Hello: You fit the barrel to the slide first then you just screw on the comp and index it to fit the slide. You will have to cut the end of the slide or the comp to fit. Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

Hello: Obviously you speak of Bull Barrel, the Bushing with Cone takes more fitting. I should also point out that depending on which "Bull" or "Cone" comp you buy you may or may not need to align ream the comp. In my trial and error comp swapping I found that the Brazos does not need to be align reamed, and keep in mind he has a Thunder Comp III which has 4 ports on top instead of 3. The Bedel TI lots of reaming. My favorite is the Dawson DP-2 and that one will need to be reamed as well, but it is definately worth it. The cone comp comes with instruction to back cut the slide at a 1 degree angle, and also you will need to turn the cone down on a lathe to match the slide. You may also need to chase the threads in the comp and or barrel, sometimes its just not a perfect fit.

When you take the gun out shoot groups, if you got flyers well the bullets are probably hitting the comp, you can see "copper dust" in the comp and with a flash light you may see fine shiney lines in the opening of the comp, or even a copper colored one. Time to ream it out a bit more. In the Bedel the instructions said to take the first port wall to .40 yeah like I thought that was too big but I be wrong, the others were around .375-.380. On the Dawson I just reamed it to the instructions at .378 or so. With the Brazos it was screw it on and start shooting. When its right the bore openings in the comp just have black soot on them.

If you are building a 9 mm major gun you may want to give the barrel more head space than the chamber reamer gives you, so you will need a head space reamer, I use a manson and it was about $40,

Eric when are your going to publish you comp testing results? Are you still waiting on a barrel?

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