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Going to Alaska

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Has anyone here done it?

41mag went all the way up, last year (from Ohio). I think he blogged for the trip. Pat rides his BMW bikes 20k miles a year.

Heck, when he got back from Alaska, I think he flew out to Colorado and picked up another bike to ride back to Ohio (after sight-seeing in that part of the country).

{eta} http://ohiorainmaker.wordpress.com/

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i drove a car from anchorage to texas years ago. almost run out gas, in yukon passed a gas with about a half tank of gas and the next one was 150 miles down the rode.

when we got to the sign that said leaving USA it was 20 miles of gravel road to the candain side.

yes winter comes very early, be done by mid sept.

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Has anyone here done it?

My wife and I made the trip last Summer. Took the Alaska ferry from Bellingham Washington to Haines Alaska (a three day trip) then rode thru BC and Yukon to Fairbanks. Spent a day in Denali park and went on around to Tok and home. Whatever you do, don't pass up a chance to fill your tank. Have you gotten a copy of "The Milepost" yet? It's an annual publication about the Alaska Highway that is an essential planning tool.

Don't make the mistake of forgetting that handguns in Canada are a NO NO. When we were crossing into BC from Haines there was a guy ahead of us that thought he could take some pistol parts thru. Not a gun, parts. They turned him back.

Riding, Eating and Shooting with friends,

Geoff of WA

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