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  1. RWF

    My M&P9

    I am wondering if any body else has tried the Wilson Combat barrel? I got because they where the only ones who had a threaded barrel in stock with a 1 x 16 twist in stock. and compared to the storm lakes and KKM I have had its that is way over built and I am loving it. I am the wrong one to try and say how well groups. I shake very, very badly, hell I to put my 22 pistol in a vise to it zeroed.
  2. +1 sanding the follower and interior of the bases sharp edges.
  3. UPDATE I finally got the full size M & P I bought the TTI +5 base pads. this is to be a fun gun suppressed reaper dip and so this time a steel SSS ESP mag well. got 2 of the 3 mags with the TTI bases to work easy. on the last one got so pissed broke out the dremmel to very thing. I was giving up then had a wild idea try a different mag body. BE DXMN THAT WAS THE ISSUE.
  4. thanks, this is the kind of info i was wanting to learn. i do not use the "bad lever" so don't have any compare. the 1 piece phase 5 comes in at 0.75 oz's and the standard AR bolt release comes in at 0.42 ozs. i would have never thought to even look at that. its just wild to me that the extra weight on the bolt release would be the issue. thanks.
  5. I do agree with what u are saying about the rifle length gas system on a 16" barrel but this one has been unstoppable so far no matter the ammo or mag I use. but still wondering even when I had the 18" I could not use a lighter carbine buffer. no matter the recoil spring, be it JP ground, standard M4 or my favorite TUBBS flat wire spring. I am assuming that u use a 4 oz BC so what did u do to make it work?
  6. yes Novseke sorry about the spelling. also try my black rain gen 3
  7. my bolt release is the one piece phase 5. i already had a 2.48 oz buffer. so how would a taccom light weight work when a 2,48 oz buffer will not. i am sure the gas block placement is correct because the 16" rifle length upper is almost impossible stop it from running. the gas block set screw is just very short of being close
  8. several years ago I was running a 18" WOA rifle length with a JP LMOS BCG. I tried taking a 1/2 oz out of the carbine buffer and it ran super soft. it just would not lock back when the mag went dry. now I have a VOODOO lite barrel 16.25" with the rifle length gas system with a JPLMOS BC. and all the talk about new 4 oz BC's I thought I would try again to take some weight out of the carbine buffer. got the same result, very soft and ran great but will not lock back on empty mag. also in both cases I had the gas block set screw fully open to the point I was lucky it did not get blown out. SOOO how does the AR DI platform run with a 4 oz BC? side note. after I got hurt the WOA set up was way to heavy for me so I sold it. thanks
  9. i used a thin layer of grease on the edge of the TTI to ext to find out where the last one was binding on the mag well and that's the area on the hump.
  10. GOT IT!!!! using a small hand file set, only on the brass mag well. filed on both rear corners and were the rear of the mag well meets the frame. 2 out of 3 worked great. on the 3rd I had to remove most of the hump at the rear were the mounting screw goes, now all is well. did not do any work on the frame. that may come later. thanks everyone
  11. no, just the stock large palm swell, but i will check it out. have not gotten that far yet.
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