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cast STI Spartan vs Forged 1911


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Hello guys I come from Glock country and am new to 1911s but I always wanted one and now I am looking out for my one and only 1911 in .45 since the gun laws in Austria limit me to only two handguns I may own.Of course I thought about getting a Les Baer or high end guns thelike but out of sorta reverse snobbery I'd like to purchase a good base model to get only the internal parts customed to highest standards even though I might end up spending the money that would have bought me a Baer.Since 1911 are not so common in Austria I have read a lot in American 1911 Forums and everybody seems to like the STI Spartan.It seems that the Phils are taking extreme care producing them for such a big name company and STI takes extreme care to quality check them for keeping their good reputation so there are amzingly many guys involved caring about such a "cheap" gun.The only thing I'm a little bit concerned about is the fact that cast Steel is used and I'm planning to get about 5000 rounds through it per year.Will the gun loose its tighness after say 25000 rounds through it more than a forged 1911?If so could you recommend any similar forged model of any brand for my purpose?(I heared that Springfields Range Officer is made of forged steel but I'm not sure and I can't find enything about it on their homepage)

I'm sorry if you consider this a silly question but the few gunowners we have in europe mainly stick to european guns chambered in 9mm so there are not many experienced 1911.45 gunners around to help me with first hand experience.

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You shoot a "Plastic Gun" and you're worried about a "cast" one? LOL!

Actually, I went throught the same thing with cast verses forged. (I am also a Glock fan) Someone mentioned that Caspian are cast, so there you go. You can get the STI Spartan, or if you prefer forged, go Sentry. The Trojan is well worth looking at also, and priced between the other two.

Guys here seem to really like the Les Baer a lot. I went STI because I chose to go with .40 S&W, not .45 or 9MM.

What caliber do you really want? Would anything other than 9mm would cause hadrship? You certainly have more options in a 1911 than .45 ACP. There are several makers that build a .45 or a 9mm, not so many in .40 S&W.

Good Luck!

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@Wild Gene :NO I dont shoot a Glock but it seems that everybody else does here,maybe out of patriotism I don't know;personally I can't fall in love with their triggers- my first gun is a CZ SP01 Shadow with some custom parts-Cech Republic is only a 45 min.drive from Vienna..I consider this gun as beeing the best construction designed for 9mm and I love it-both the gun and 9mm in general-and yes the gun is made of cast steel but 9mm won't cause much stress to the gun and it's proven to be very durable-many people here shoot 50.000 rounds through various cz 75 models without any problems..I just feel that 1911 are designed for .45 and the best design for that ammo..I would not want a CZ chambered in .45 even though they are on offer.

So it is not really me who "preferres" forged I just asked you guys from 1911 country about maybe bad experiences with cast 1911 because I dont know how much stress the 45 ACP causes to the frame and slide of the 1911 design if you shoot them regularly on the range and competition.

Please excuse me if my english is not so good and PLEASE dont hesitate to correct my misspelling-especially of the technical terms-I'd appreciate your helping me to improve my english.

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Very interesting! I was curious about the availability of .45 ammo.

After visiting with guys like Bart, that shoot a lot, and guys like TG Reaper that shoot a lot, It is very clear that everyone has their own ideas! I respect both of their opinions, and each one has compelling arguments for each. To be honest, I would have bought a Trojan, and never had an issue, but all I could find in .40 S&W when I was looking was a Sentry.

How is your access to 1911 gunsmiths? How is the accessability to parts? Could it be the case that you would benefit from buying a more custom gun? One that will not need much work?

Your english is very good, better than many people that live in the US.

Good luck!


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@Blind bat : If you are a sports shooter you could get permission for more than two guns,but that involves you have to proof that you have taken part in at least 10 competitions in the last year say shooting my cz 9mm in IPSC production division,shooting 10 competitions with a 1911 single stack,then you could claim that you want to compete in IPSC standard aswell where neither a 9mm nor a SS is of any use then you could get permission for a high cap .40.

If I wanted to own a glock in addition to my cz they'd say sell your cz first because you could use the Glock in IPSC production aswell.

@Wild Gene :.45 ammo is readily availabe at approx. cost of 1/3rd more than 9mm.Of course there are some gunsmith here having seen 1911 before but I'd rather take or send them to Germany - distances in Europe are small for American standards-Munich is a 4 hours drive from my home-fortunately we are allowed to drive faster than you guys:)

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If I could only keep two of the pistols I own and I have several, one would be my STI Trojan in 9mm. I have over 10,000 rounds down range and it has moved to the top of the fun guns to shoot.

Mine had some tuning issues. I have replaced the ejector, broke soon after purchase. STI sent a new one. Mine is Chromed and they sent a chromed replacement, 38/40 ejector when fitted to clear the top of the magazine solved that issue. Replace the extractor with an AFTEC, helped feeding and extracting issues. Polished several places, feed ramp, area where slide release meets the slide lock back notch and the barrel.

Point is there may be tuning issues with your purchase but these are in my mind one of the best built and value for the money 1911 platforms.

I purchased Wilson mags and I along with several friends had to remove two coils from the magazine springs as they were to stiff for the lighter recoil and mainsprings I like to run.

Point is which ever STI pistol or other brands for that matter you purchase expect a little tuning to get the gun set up for you and you'll enjoy it.

I like the under cut grip and balance of the Trojan but the Spartan would save a little money if it's an issue.

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Cast or forged .45 1911's are both just fine. Stay away from cast slides. I like SS because you can buy one as cheap as possible, and build it up to be a real tack driver, with all the parts you want. I have an RIA tactical (armscor)

I payed $420 for new and put about $300 of parts. Doing the work myself, I have a gun that functions flawlessly, and has outshot some of my other custom springers or expensive kimbers. I expect this gun to perform for at least 100k w the occasional wear parts & spring replacement.

Nothing wrong at all with a philipino gun.

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