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Zoot Shooters in Wall Street Journal...


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I emailed the following letter to the Editor who composed the piece (lauren.etter@wsj.com):

"Thank you for taking the time to research and compose a positive editorial on the Zoot Shooters and Practical Shooting. I am the Match Director for a club near Washington DC and appreciate the coverage of the shooting sports, especially in a complementary manner. The first Sunday of any given month, our match hosts over 100 shooters.... some of whom are law enforcement and military, but the bulk of whom are average Americans who simply enjoy the sport. We are lawyers, doctors, LE and military, computer programmers, pharmacists and teachers --- not criminals.

Our traditions of shooting sports are rich in American history and I appreciate your taking the opportunity to educate a wider audience about some of the new, positive opportunities.

Seth Markowitz

Fredericksburg Practical Shooters

Match Director"

Edited by Seth
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The Editor responded to my email:


Mr. Markowitz –

Thank you very much for your kind note.

I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Have fun!

And best wishes,



Lauren Etter

Staff Reporter

The Wall Street Journal.

Chicago Bureau


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I think the reason the WSJ ran the piece was more for the costuming and gangster theme, than is was for practical shooting skills/sport.......the article pic was eye grabbing.

Unfortunately skillful pistol-craft remains a backwater event in the eyes of the press.


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I agree, it's really nice to see some positive reporting on one of our shooting sports. And, nice letter Seth.

Yea, some of the comments are pure demagoguery but not worth the effort as the one guy is just interesting in stirring the pot. I was really pleased to see all of the NRA folks come to Zoot's defense. Sticking together and promoting all the safety minded shooting sports is what will keep multiple generations of shooters able to enjoy our passion.

Now, it would be good to have more IPSC/USPSA shooters giving Zoot a try! Lately, our matches have been very SASS shooter dominated. We love the cowboys but remember it was a couple of IPSC guys that started the sport. It's actually nice to mix it up as we often get on a IPSC or SASS or IDPA or 3 gun rut and it's nice to meet shooters from other disciplines. Hopefully more clubs will be coming to a range near you as the word spreads (or, start a club in your area).

Watch it grow -- jump in and have fun. We have plenty of Tommys to lend out during matches (if you want to shoot one).


aka John Dillinger

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