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M&P Pro 9mm stainless (legal for IDPA?)


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I recently saw a M&P Pro 9mm 5" with a stainless slide. Apparently it came that way from the factory. I was not aware that Smith & Wesson made any with stainless.

Does anyone have experience with the stainless version? How is the finish quality?

Would this version be legal for IDPA, since it is a limited production? Also, would the stainless color slide be an issue during shooting, with light reflecting off of the slide?

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They are all stainless, with a black finish.

I have shot many stainless slides in the white, and glare was never an issue. The limited production Pro with the natural silver slide is pretty cool looking. If I did not already have a basic black pro I would not hesitate to get the two tone model.

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Yes, the one I saw is the limited production silver slide. Just curious since it is limited production, if it is legal for IDPA. I believe the rule is 2000 has to be made.

Since it is only a slide color and nothing is different functionally about the gun, I am guessing it is OK for IDPA.

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They are Dawson adjustables. The front is .305 high I think...which looks enormous on the gun, but I love them. The front blade is thinner than the stock M&P Pro sights and the POI isn't behind the dot anymore, but right on top of the blade, which is how I like it.

I had issues with my rear dovetail not wanting to accept the Dawson rear, so I sent it to someone from the M&P forum and he did the polish job and installed the sights.

No issues with slipperyness or glare when shooting outside, but I have to be sure to take better care of it now than I would with a coated slide.

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